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Super Morph is a 2D side-scrolling puzzle platformer game. The player assumes the role of a young boy who is accidentally transformed into an amorphous blob after testing his uncle's new invention. The player must use the four different transformations to escape each stage after finding a cog. The player has a limited number of transformations; if they run out, they must restart the stage. There are 36 stages in total, split into four groups of nine.

The game was released exclusively for SNES in Europe.


The blob has four possible forms:

  • Cannonball: The cannonball cannot jump and is the most limited of the four forms in movement. However, it is able to sink in liquid, is quite heavy and is immune to most obstacles.
  • Rubber Ball: The rubber ball mode is able to jump with a bit of build-up, making it more versatile than the cannonball. It will be damaged if it touches spikes or fire.
  • Water Drop: The waterdrop moves similarly to the cannonball, but can sink through the ground if there's a gap. It also dissipates in liquid and evaporates when hot.
  • Gas Cloud: The gas cloud is able to float, allowing it to move upwards through the level. It'll get sucked into any nearby fans, however.

The goal is to figure out how to use the four forms to collect the cog and leave the stage. It sometimes requires careful planning before using any of the transformations.

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