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Claymates is a platformer released in 1993. It is the sister game to Clay Fighter although neither release shared any characters or plot points. The game has players assuming the role of Clayton, a scientist's son who is turned into a ball of clay by a nefarious looking fellow for unclear reasons. As a ball Clayton does not have very many skills but he can grab other colored balls to turn into different animals. The game is a standard platformer otherwise, only presented entirely in a claymation style.


Clayton can transform into various animal forms if he finds their specific colored ball. Each has their own abilities and means of attack, but can only take one hit before reverting back to Clayton's ball form. If the ball form gets hit, the player loses a life and must restart at the last checkpoint.

  • Clayton: Clayton is, by default, a blue ball of clay. He can jump and has a standard punch attack, but is very vulnerable.
  • Muckster: A supercilious cat, Muckster has the highest vertical leap of the characters.
  • Oozy: A vicious mouse, Oozy is fast and can roar at enemies to stun them.
  • Globmeister: A large squirrel, Globmeister is the only claymate to have a ranged attack.
  • Doh-Doh: A green bird, Doh-Doh is able to fly.
  • Goopy: A purple fish, Goopy is needed for aquatic levels.

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