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Super Solvers: Gizmos & Gadgets is a game aimed at younger children to teach them about the inner workings of science and technology. The game was developed and published by The Learning Company in 1993.
In the game, Morty Maxwell, the Master of Mischief, has moved into the Shady Glen Technology Center and taken over as the head scientist! Your job is to accept Morty's challenge and prove that you are a better scientist than he is. Morty has locked the doors in the warehouse with science puzzles that you have to solve to complete the game. Show him how much you know about science by solving the puzzles.
The game places you in a side-scrolling platforming environment, and you must make your way to doors that are locked with puzzles and complete them to find the best vehicle parts and build faster vehicles than the ones that Morty builds. To make your job more difficult, Morty's sneaky Cyber Chimps are collecting vehicle parts, too. Outsmart the Chimps by throwing bananas to them and making them take a nap. Race against Morty and win all 15 of the challenge races. If you win all of these challenge races, you will reclaim the Technology Center and become the head scientist!

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