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The T-34 was a Soviet medium tank in World War II. Although the armor and armament were surpassed by later tanks of the era, it has been often credited as the most effective, efficient and influential design of World War II. When introduced, the T-34 was the tank that had the best balanced attributes of firepower, mobility, protection and ruggedness, however, it probably had one of the worst crew management.

A lot of the problems with the original T34 with the 76mm gun was fixed in the new iteration introduced in early 1944 and later referred to as t34/85. This version had a 85mm gun, a three man turret, improved gun sights and a better positioned radio.

While the upgraded T34/85 was still inferior to the German Panther tank, they were far more numerous and more than capable of defeating even the upgraded Panzer IV that was the most common tank of the Wehrmacht.

It was produced from 1940 to 1958. It was the most produced tank of the war and the second most-produced tank of all time, after its predecessor, the T-54/55 series. In 1996, the T-34 tank was still in service in at least 27 countries.

In Games

Call of Duty

Commandeering a T-34 in Call of Duty: World at War

Throughout most of the Russian campaign in Call of Duty franchise, you see a T-34 tank helping you with your objectives, often in urban environments. You also commandeer a T-34/85 in a level in Call of Duty: World at War, as you are hunting enemy Panther tanks, neutralizing enemy artillery emplacements, destroying a radio tower and capturing a train station.

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