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Taban is an inventor as well as the husband of Lara and the father of Lucca in Chrono Trigger. He and Lucca unveil their latest invention, a teleportation device, at the fair in Leene Square. When the device reacts strangely to Marle's pendant, sending her hurdling through time, Taban assists Lucca in sending Crono back in time.

At the end of the game the party can go back in time to save Taban's wife Lara from the incident where she crippled her legs. Lara gets her legs caught in one of Taban's malfunctioning machines and the party must go to the machine and enter the code to free her of her restraint. The code is Lara's name, which directly translates to the L-A-R-A buttons on a SNES controller.

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