First trailer for the Wii mothership Tales.

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Looks pretty good. Namco has trademarked the following titles:
  • Tales of Nexus
  • Tales of Strife
  • Tales of Genesis
  • Tales of Valoria
So it's most likely one of those. If you look at 0:35, you'll see that it's possible to sidestep, which is really sweet. I always wished I could sidestep in the other 3D Tales...

#2 Posted by Tearhead (2396 posts) -

Sweeeeet, can't wait!  I hope it's Tales of Valoria.

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I'm much more interested (and by that, I mean somewhat interested because I dislike JRPGs) in games like Fragile and Muramasa than this. The new IPs are much more interesting than the old stuff on Wii.
#4 Posted by Icemael (6800 posts) -
I'm also hoping for Valoria, I'd say that's my favorite name out of those four. I'm just hoping for a Europe release, Namco has forsaken us for too long...
While the new IPs for the Wii look awesome(Can't wait for Muramasa, Conduit and Madworld...), so does this. Never heard of Fragile, I'm gonna check it out.

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