#1 Posted by Coombs (3449 posts) -

What a bitch.
I'm not looking for advice, I've read plenty of "guides" but I'm just having a bitch of a time beating this damn thing.
How many times did it take you?  I'm on about 12-15, And not using the controller 2 trick.

#2 Posted by FlamingHobo (4512 posts) -

I've tried at least five times already and haven't had any luck.

#3 Posted by Shirogane (3582 posts) -

I have the psp version. And really, that thing is worse than Azazel. Still havn't managed to get it down to half.
#4 Posted by myalt22 (88 posts) -

Only just beat it now, with Lili. 

#5 Posted by KillerZ (41 posts) -

I only have managed to run over her once with my Lei, but there were countless of failures.

#6 Posted by Kokoro (156 posts) -

I've only been able to beat this thing a very few times. The only characters I can remember beating it with are King, Jack-6 and maybe Julia.

#7 Posted by Soap (3646 posts) -

It's pretty tough, I can't remember exactly how (as it was about a year ago now) but my friend found a character that you could spam one over and over on it to win almost every time. 
I think it might of been king. 

#8 Posted by Kokoro (156 posts) -

It can also be done with Asuka's d/b+4,4,4,4 move. I've tried it myself. Various other characters can be spammed against it with move as well.

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