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The Title Screen.

Tetris & Dr. Mario was released on December 30, 1994 in North America. The game was published and developed by Nintendo. Tetris & Dr. Mario is a compilation cartridge containing enhanced versions of both NES games Tetris and Dr. Mario. Besides graphical updates, there are few gameplay changes such as the Mixed Match multiplayer mode (which is a multiplayer mode in which Tetris and Dr. Mario are both played).



The games have enhanced graphics from their original incantations.

Tetris is a puzzle game in which falling blocks (of seven different shapes, two of which are rotated versions of another). After getting a row of blocks lined up (with no holes in it), then that row is deleted and the player is granted an amount of points. As the blocks are falling, they can be rotated. The longer the game is played, the faster the blocks fall.

Dr. Mario

Dr. Mario is also a puzzle game in which blocks (or rather, pill capsules) fall onto a playing field filled with germs. By matching the colored pills with with the corresponding colored germs, then the germs are slowly eliminated. After all of a single color germs are erased from the game field, then that germ dies. The game essentially lasts forever, but after level 20, the game repeats that level over and over. Each level adds more germs as compared to the last.

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