It's here anyone playing?

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I booted up Steam last night and to my surprise, The Banner Saga: Factions was there looking back at me. Was anyone aware that this game was done? I remembered to crazy kickstarter campaign last year (700% funded?) but I had no idea it was done.

Anyone playing it yet? It seems cool, and the art looks fantastic

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Well, it's not done. It's a beta, and just for the multiplayer.

But yeah, I've played for 90 minutes and have gone 4-0 so far. A lot of interesting mechanics. I would be interested in spectating a match between the top players, see what the high level meta looks like. So far all I know is let them come to you, use archers to whittle down shieldbangers, try to cripple warriors early, and leave their low strength units alive.

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@brodehouse: Ah good to know thanks. I only got through the tutorial so I didn't see very much but it seems to have potential

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It's just the F2P multiplayer thing right? I have no interest in that. I backed it for the single player turn based RPG that they promised. Kind of annoyed that they are crapping this thing out instead. I just hope they get the real game out sooner rather then later. Between the posters all arriving beaten and ripped to shit to the point that I had to throw it out and they just said sucks to be you and refused to do anything about their fuck up and them constantly delaying the game itself, it's left a very bade taste in my mouth for one of my first kickstarter backed games. Hopefully the game when they do finally release it will be everything I had hoped.

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I think there is going to be a Single Player component, they're just releasing this to whet people's appetites until that comes out. For what it's worth, it's pretty fun, and gives a good idea of what the battle mechanics are going to be like.

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man- i remember being really intrigued by the hand-drawn art and setting from the kickstarter. somehow i missed that this is going to be a turn-based strategy game- and i'm thrilled! i just jumped in and completed the tutorial, so i haven't really gone deep yet. but maaan- what a beautiful looking game. i'm really looking forward to this game's full release just might be my most anticipated title!

i'm gonna call out @patrickklepek for a quick look as well- since you've been on a turn-based strat. kick lately, might be worth checking out!

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Waiting for the single player campaign =)

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I went through the tutorial, seems intense since I'm new to these kind of games. It's a bit scary doing MP first, maybe I should hook a friend first to practice with.

My first battle disconnected.

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Game is fun as hell right now. Played a ridiculous amount of games. They just updated and added rank 2 to several of the units, but it's PRETTY EXPENSIVE renown-wise.

@crusader8463: Pretty silly to be disdainful of them releasing the multiplayer component free and early, largely with the intent of balancing the gameplay.

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<p>Upgraded most of my camp to rank 1 recently and went from a long winning streak to a long losing streak. Really having fun with it though.</p>

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looks good, anyone know is this coming to xbox live or is it just pc?

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Downloading it right now!

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