I'm confused... Who exactly is developing XCOM?

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From what I hear, it's 2K Marin, but not the entirety of 2K Marin.  According to 1UP, there are developers in the previously-defunct Australian studio.  So, it's not "2K Australia", but a new branch of 2K Marin.  It's also not developed by Irrational, which makes me wonder how Ken Levine feels about giving up the franchise.  Is this an entirely new studio under the 2K banner?  And why can't 2K Games sort their development teams out like any normal publisher?

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I'm pretty sure it's the same team that did Bioshock 2... I could be wrong though.

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Not Ken Levine. That's pretty much all there is to know.

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I played the hell out of the first X-Com. I even had the last alien base so well memorized that I could fire one of those controlable missiles, direct it to the alien brain (or what ever that thing was) and clear the base with only firing one shot.

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@xyzygy said:
" I'm pretty sure it's the same team that did Bioshock 2... I could be wrong though. "
From what I can tell, the BioShock 2 team is located in California, but the XCOM developers are in Australia.  Two different studios, as far as I know.  It may not be important as the game seems to have struck a nerve in the gaming community, just like Bethesda did with Fallout 3, but Bethesda is Bethesda.
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It's technically 2K Marin. 
However, the team making XCOM is the team in Australia, whose members did a large amount of work on Bioshock 2, with 2K Marin. Some of the members from Marin are now working with 2K Australia. However, the main leads at 2K Marin remain working on other projects, namely Bioshock 2 DLC, and possible Bioshock 3.
Yes. Basically, 2K Marin has a more recognizable name, but it's only a portion of members from that team working on XCOM.

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2K Australia, which has been renamed 2K Marin, which is a name of another 2K in-house studio.

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