The Darkness II Amps Up... Pretty Much Everything

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Posted by Undeadpool (5292 posts) -
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#1 Posted by Vexxan (4627 posts) -

Looks cool.

#2 Posted by Xtrminatr (279 posts) -

nice this looks cool

#3 Posted by MisterDunlap (277 posts) -

More heart eating goodness?

#4 Posted by rmanthorp (4318 posts) -


#5 Posted by andrewhandshoe (10 posts) -

Really looking forward to this. Played some at PAX and was very into it, although the quad-wielding was difficult to pick up at first.

#6 Posted by Tesla (2029 posts) -

Damn...that kinda makes me want to go find a cheap copy of the first game.  Cool trailer.

#7 Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition (751 posts) -

Mike. Fucking. Patton.

#8 Posted by Sloktor (73 posts) -

The look of the games models and art reminds me about Borderlands.

#9 Posted by Seraphim84 (454 posts) -

Looks like the 1/3rd stealth part of the game is gone.  Hopefully all the ramped up gun gameplay will feel good instead of...well, how the last game felt.

#10 Posted by RagnarokRed (92 posts) -

Was that cel shaded or are my eyes bugging out?

#11 Posted by ValiantGrizzly (501 posts) -
@Sloktor said:
The look of the games models and art reminds me about Borderlands.
Was just about to post this. It's more subtle, though, it seems. I dig it.
Loved the first game as well, this is way up on my list of games to get hyped about for this year.
#12 Edited by zaglis (912 posts) -

Wow. This looks bad.
They pooped on everything Starbreeze did for the first game... featuring Nolan North as Jackie. What a disgrace.

#13 Posted by TechnicallyProficient (95 posts) -

Kinda disappointed  Kirk Acevedo won't be returning, but at least the game will be in the running for a Northie.

#14 Posted by scottygrayskull (500 posts) -

They're doing more with Jenny? Awesome! Really looking forward to this now. The Jackie/Jenny stuff was by far the best part of the first game. :)

#15 Posted by sofakingcool (394 posts) -

I don't like the new cell shaded look. Thumbs down

#16 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

Loved the first one.  Cannot wait for this one. 
More creepy Mike Patton awesomeness.

#17 Posted by NTM (8516 posts) -

I love how they bring back the original cast, but is ultimately somewhat weird. I still can't get over the fact that this isn't made by Starbreeze.

#18 Posted by RobotHamster (4237 posts) -

I liked the first one, hopefully this'll turn out great.

#19 Posted by RsistncE (4499 posts) -

Whoa, the new look is really subtle, like visually it just looked improved from the first one but then you start to notice the cool comic book style shading they have going on. This game looks nuts.

#20 Posted by zitosilva (1881 posts) -

Looking good. I like the somewhat cel-shaded look.

#21 Posted by MisterMouse (3599 posts) -

is it cel shaded?

#22 Posted by StealthRaptor (552 posts) -

Well, this also doesn't seem like a Darkness game.

#23 Posted by dr_pineapple (195 posts) -

wow! that was awesome!

#24 Posted by PieGuy (332 posts) -

Not a fan of cel shaded graphics. Loved the first game, it had its flaws but it did make you feel like a bad ass when enemies feared you as tentacles ripped into the chests of enemies and threw them around.  
With so many great games coming out this year I doubt I will be getting this.

#25 Posted by Meltac (2001 posts) -

I'm still a bit skeptical, and even though it was a good trailer, I'm still not really digging the new style. 

#26 Posted by Subjugation (4826 posts) -

For everyone complaining about the cel-shading, don't forget about the comic book origins of the IP. You have to admit it does at least make a little sense even if you aren't a fan of how it looks.

#27 Posted by Toxin066 (3403 posts) -

I'm sure I'm going to love this game but like the majority, I'm a little put off by the cel shading. The first game's art style was gorgeous, why change that?

#28 Posted by _Phara0h_ (925 posts) -

There is no reason to be so excited but I am...

#29 Posted by MechaEspio (41 posts) -

Lot of comments about the sort of comic-style look but I'm more worried about the colour. As in 'there's way too much of it'. The Darkness is the kind of game where having a limited colour scheme makes sense.

#30 Edited by Gunharp (351 posts) -

I believe the backing track for this trailer is a song from The Black Angels. Thats pretty cool.

#31 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

That looks pretty insanely awesome.

#32 Posted by theditor (67 posts) -

Holy shit, was that Willem Defoe?

#33 Posted by TurboMan (8290 posts) -

loved the first one.

#34 Posted by HadesTimes (888 posts) -

I really thought the Darkness was kind of a mediocre game.  Hopefully this game will let you use the Darkness more and guns less.  If I wanted to play a first person shooter I would play Black Ops. 

#35 Posted by infestedandy (355 posts) -
@zaglis: Way to give it any sort of chance. If you liked the original Darkness at all you shouldn't be so decisive, not at this point anyway.
So what? if Nolan North is voicing anything in a game it immediately makes it bad? Come on man. This is a short teaser trailer, not an end of the world epitaph.
#36 Posted by The_Nubster (2594 posts) -

My favourite part of the first game was when you stormed the mansion at the end. I remember walking up with pathway, not shooting a single bullet, ripping hearts out and heads off left and right, whipping people and lights and wreaking havoc. 
If this game can instill that sense of power, I'm sold.

#37 Edited by myslead (952 posts) -

I liked the first one 
hope the second one is even better. 
and lol at people complaining about Nolan North... he's in every games. you guys must be pretty angry. 
edit: wait, just saw that it wasn't starbreeze who were dev on the game ? mmm 

#38 Posted by blacklab (1748 posts) -

Cool. Loved the first one. I'm a little curious as to how the control scheme is going to work. Seems like shooting + controlling the darkness at the same time could be kind of hard to manage.

#39 Posted by CabbageHat (12 posts) -

Looks like they've got some capable animators involved, upon first watch it seems like they've brought a darn sight more character to the movements than many can manage. Exaggerated too, couldn't ask for much more from a comic book adaptation. 
I really enjoyed the first game for it's atmosphere, it really didn't feel like an awful lot like many other games out there (this could be starbreeze's stamp but I haven't played any of their other games) and they made good use of the first person perspective in storytelling, something this one looks to continue. 
Mark me optimistic!

#40 Posted by _Phara0h_ (925 posts) -

Thank you Borderlands

#41 Posted by project343 (2884 posts) -

I enjoy the art style, but the over-the-top nature of, well, everything is a complete put-off. I understand that this is a trailer, but the trailer's telling me that they've lost that wonderfully mature, dark tone of the first title in favour of... superheroism?

#42 Posted by JoeyRavn (5136 posts) -

I'm currently playing through The Darkness and I'm fucking hyped for this. I want it nao.

#43 Posted by Tennmuerti (8520 posts) -

The gunplay looks kinda bad.

#44 Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God (302 posts) -

didnt see any heart eating from the tentacles, sadly. Also i really hope that they dont throw in that awful mutliplayer that was in the first one, complete a bunch of achievements that I'll never get

#45 Posted by zombie_bigdaddy (141 posts) -

Well, it doesn't look that bad but  it seems they removed what made the original so great: the atmosphere.

#46 Posted by Agent47 (1931 posts) -
@Sloktor: Holy christ how many games can remind people of Borderlands!?
#47 Posted by Damodar (1691 posts) -

Looks cool, but I'd probably rather it stuck to the aesthetic of the original. 
Oh well. Mike Patton is still having super unsettling sex with my ears.

#48 Posted by DeathByWaffle (711 posts) -

I REALLY wish they had stuck with the original voice actor for Jackie. I love Nolan North, but he just doesn't seem right here.

#49 Posted by DrJota (722 posts) -

Black Angels = New Justice for video game trailers...

#50 Posted by Daftasabat (528 posts) -

I picked the 1st up on ebay for 99p about a year ago, i've still not played it. This looks a little dated and the trailer didnt exactly sell it that well. Will keep an eye on it though

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