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Don't talk such rot

When it comes to a game like oblivion theres no real one place to start.I suppose its best to describe the game and its objective.Oblivion takes place in the land of Cyrodil .  
You begin your adventure and right off the bat your asked to pick a class. You can either pick one of the preset classes or make your own. So if you ever wanted to be a level 50 mohawk now is your chance.  
Then your asked to pick your Diety. Nothing to fancy there each god gives special skills and abilities blah blah. Now you start off in a jail cell with no explanation why your there.  
Then you meet jean lu ehr the king who speaks some nonscence about destiny and stars. No spoilers here so continue reading on folks dont be shy.   
Now you level by gaining skills points in your primary skills. Meaning if your a thief one of your core skilsl may be lockpicking there for you must do alot of lockpicking to gain skillup. Now there is no real advantage to gaining levels in oblivion. With most rpgs you gain levels to fight harder enemies. But all the enemies are the same level as you. The only real advantage to skill ups seems to be magic as you gain more useful spells.  
This Game lets you play as either good or evil depending on your mood. You can steal and you can kill others but if your caught the gaurds will chase you and throw you in jail if your caught. Or you can be a goodie goodie and do favors for people and so on. This game has it all from becoming a vampire to buying a house on the beach its all there. The story is very optional in this game.  
You can play this game for hours upon hours and never touch the story and still keep intrest. You can do such tasks as become the leader of the fighters guild, become the arena champion,head the thieves guild and alot more. Also built into the game is a speecraft option where you can talk with people to change there mood or sway there feelings to give you valuable information on quests and locations.  
The speechcraft is a fairly simple minigame that just seems to get annoying after some time of doing it.The land of Cyrodil is absolutly huge. So large in fact that if you were to run from oneside to the other im willing to be your looking at an hour or so of just running. luckily there is such thing as quick travel where you can get to one location to the other simply by clicking on your map. This game has alot to offer a person it will feel right at home to mmorpg lovers.Though there are several issues i had with the game they are rather minor. One of those instances being climbing a mountain can be quite a difficult task as eventually you will just stop climbing and will be forced to walk up the mountain at an angle to make any progress. The other is the voice overs need quite abit of work. While facinating the first few hours it quickly gets old when you find out each person has prety much the same voice actor. All in all the game in fantastic if not to beat just the joy of simply playing a game unlike any other you ever experianced.

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