Morrowind vs Oblivion

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In the age of chaos two factions battle for dominance!

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Morrowind - TRIBUNAL I voted for.  I was not as big a fan of bloodmoon. Once I played tribunal it was hard to go back to the original world, the Tribunal quests and items were just so cool

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Morrowind, Hands down, that was a way more open game to me, and the music was just epic!

The technology isn't as good of course, and going back to it now is somewhat difficult, but Morrowind!

Oblivion just had too many janky game design changes, plus that game felt so buggy, i love Oblivion, but i love Morrowind that much more.

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Call me a noob, but Oblivion was just a lot easier for me to get into. Morrowind always felt so daunting.

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KiddSushi said:
"Call me a noob, but Oblivion was just a lot easier for me to get into. Morrowind always felt so daunting."
That is a very fair assessment.  However if 80% of the "good features" in Oblivion were actually first tried out in Tribunal.    Tribunal was such a huge hit w/ fans they almost made Oblivion too tribunal like.
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I personally think Morrowind is the better game and Oblivion was a bit disappointing. Morrowind felt bigger and more varied and I loved it for that...Oblivion is still a great game, but not as good as Morrowind in my eyes.

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Also voted for Morrowind, although the island should be smaller area than Cyrodill, it always felt bigger to me. Plus I liked the beast chars legs there, despite that they couldn't wear boots.

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Oblivion, but arguing which one is better is absurd. They are both two of my favourite games of all time, with Oblivion being my favourite game of all time.

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Voted Oblivion. Call me a lazy RPGer, but I felt my distaste for reading large sections of text hurt my experience in Morrowind.  Still enjoyed it though.

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but i found a copy of morrowind in eb so ive been playing that
i still enjoy oblivion more though, probably coz i played it first

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 you become more god like the further you level up. think giant fireballs plus levitation = nuclear holocaust. I literally made DBZ characters in morrowind, brawlers with the "Final Flash" and "Spirit Bomb" like magic attacks.

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Couldn't get in to Morrowind, so I voted Oblivion... and I'm currently playing that again.

#14 Posted by CL60 (17120 posts) -'s just overall better and more challenging.

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morrowind is a great game, don't get me wrong. it has an amazing story, endearing music, memorable characters, and a gigantic world.

i had to vote oblivion, however. oblivion looks better (not a major issue, but morrowind was painfully ugly), had even better music imo, played better, and had creative objectives beyond morrowind's damning fetch quests

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Morrowind had worse combat and AI.

It was much better as an RPG and the setting is right up there with Arcanum as my videogame favourites.

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Oblivion. I couldn't stand Morrowind for some reason.

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I came to the elder scrolls series through oblivion . The graphics of Morrowind really took my out of the game and the gameplay is not as fun . But the world is much bigger which is what i probably liked most about Moorowind . However Oblivion wins.

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Morrowind by far. I would have picked Daggerfall, but no option. :(

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Definitely Morrowind, the world just felt a hell of alot more immersive then oblivions.

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It contains all I expect from RPG
It doesn't mean I don't like Morrowind though

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I vote morrowind simply because it wasn't your generic medieval fantasy. It had a style, a tone of its own. Almost sci fi at times. Oblivion felt quite generic.

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