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Active Skills

NameLevel RequirementDescription
Magma Spear
N/ASends a stream of magma that pierces and burns enemies.
Magma Mace
7Summon a mace that burns enemies upon contact upon a given range.
14Hurls 3 bombs that burns enemies as well as making them panic.
Blazing Pillar
21Fire pillars are summoned whilst they also search for enemies causing fire damage.
Infernal Collapse
28Can cast a sphere of heat which expands over time which burns all enemies in a given radius.
Immolation Aura
35An aura of flams surrounds the player causing fire damage to any enemy that gets too close.
42Sends down fireballs from the skies to rain down on the enemies in a given radius.

Passive Skills

NameLevel RequirementDescription
Charge Mastery
N/AThe Charge meter is filled in faster.
Elemental Attunement
7Increases chance of elemental effects to happen during attacks.
Fire Brand
14Upon striking an enemy, it adds a chance of increasing fire damage.

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