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Active Skills

Skill NameLevel RequirementDescription
Flame Hammer
N/AGrants the ability to crush enemies with a giant hammer causing flaming splinters that hones in on enemies
Seismic Slam
7Stomps the ground which causes the enemies to be stunned and burned in a given radius.
Ember Hammer
14Grants the ability to swing in a 3/4 swing around the player which can also destroy shields.
21Performs a leap and slams down which can cause players to slow down.
Ember Reach
28Can stun enemies from a given radius but only if successful.
Storm Burst
35Equipped rockets will charge through the enemies which can cause knockback. Whilst this happens, bolts are emitted, it attacks the enemies which can also regenerate's the player's mana.
42Upon smacking the ground, multiple fissures appear which seeks enemies and causing damage.

Passive Skills

NameLevel RequirementDescription
Heavy Lifting
N/AUpgrades the speed of bigger weapons and increases chance to stun foes.
7Upon striking at foes, a charge can be stored which can be used to make the next strikes stronger over a certain amount of time.
Coup de Grace
14When striking a stunned foe, it can also finish off the enemy with an electric strike but can only be used after more than 1 strike per second.

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