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The Exchange is a notorious intergalactic crime syndicate, of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords fame. With branches of the cartel spread across the galaxy, from Taris to Telos IV and from Nar Shadaa to Kashyyyk, they are the face of crime throughout the Star Wars galaxy; second to none.

An iconic KOTOR vessel, the Ebon Hawk, was stolen from The Exchange.
The Exchange is first encountered on Taris in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR.) For those unfamilar to the KOTOR series, the player arrives on Taris after the Republic star cruiser he is on is attacked by Darth Malak. Accompanied by Carth Onasi, the player flees the starship in an escape pod and crash lands on Taris. Continuing the mission, in searching for the powerful Jedi known as Bastila Shan, the player and his party-to-be encounter The Exchange through an employed Mandalorian bounty hunter named Canderous Ordo.

Eventually, after much time spent traversing the underbelly of Taris (further story details can be found here,) the player and his party must escape the planet. To do so, they work themselves into the graces of Taris' Exchange Boss, Davik Kang. Shortly thereafter, Darth Malak discovers the whereabouts of the player and Bastila Shan's whereabouts on Taris. Meaning to finish the job, started above the skies of Taris, Malak orders his admiral Saul Karath to fire upon Taris. Although the planet itself is devastated, the player and his newly found allies escape Taris' demise by means of stealing Davik Kang's prize star ship, the Ebon Hawk (seen: right.)

The Exchange would later pursue the player under the supervision of Davik Kang's right hand man, and former rival of Canderous Ordo, the bounty hunter Calo Nord.

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