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The Ebon Hawk is a Dynamic-Class freighter, used as a smuggling ship by Davik Kang for the Exchange. He claimed it was the "fastest ship in the Outer Rim", and believed that the Ebon Hawk was the only ship that could break through the Sith Blockade on Taris, although even it could not escape without obtaining the Sith launch codes first. The Ebon Hawk has a long history, most of it affiliated with the Exchange and their smuggling operations. It is known that the ship changed hands fairly quickly, and some considered this to be an ill omen, claiming that the ship brought bad luck. Before it came into the hands of the Exchange, the Ebon Hawk is known to have been owned by an individual named Ratrin Vhek, who claimed that it was stolen from him on a routine run in the Mid-Rim during the Mandalorian Wars. Ratrin will try to steal the Ebon Hawk back from the Jedi Exile in KOTOR II. After this, the ship appears as an Exchange smuggling vessel, eventually ending up in the possession of Tarisian crime lord Davik Kang, who claimed that he too, had stolen it from somebody.

The Ebon Hawk on Tatooine
Ironically enough, shortly after Canderous Ordo and his party obtained the Sith launch codes, they stole the Ebon Hawk from Davik, escaping the Sith blockade and the destruction of Taris in the agile vessel. They took the ship to Dantooine, while Bastila and Revan met with the Jedi council. From then on, it served as the base of operations in their hunt for the Star Maps, and the Star Forge. It visited Korriban, Manan, Kashyyyk, Tatooine, Dantooine, and Yavin during the search, locating a Star map or useful information on each planet, before moving onto the next. After discovering the location of the Star Forge, the Ebon Hawk jumped in-system, and crashed onto an unknown world, brought down by a gravity well generated by the Star Forge. After a ground party disabled this, the Ebon Hawk lifted off of the surface, and called in a Republic fleet. While the Republic fleet did battle with the Sith fleet massed around the Star Forge, the Ebon Hawk and a small Jedi strike team slipped into the Star Forge to make an attempt on Malak's life.

Revan killed Malak, and returned to the Ebon Hawk, which left the Star Forge quickly, while the Republic fleet bombarded it until the factory was destroyed. Following this, it is not known what happened to the Ebon Hawk in the following period, although it seems Revan took it to Malachor V on his journey towards the Unknown Regions. He abandoned it here, along with HK-47 and T3-M4. Some time during this period, HK-47 was destroyed and his parts scattered across various planets, and T3 took the ship and found the Jedi Exile. The ship re-surfaces at the Peragus II mining facility, where it drifted into dock damaged and with most of it's crew dead or seriously wounded.

The Ebon Hawk in a Peragus docking bay
The Jedi Exile wakes up, and after meeting Atton Rand and Kreia on the Peragus mining station, the Exile reclaims the ship, and Atton pilots them out of the system, while Darth Sion's ship, the Harbinger, attempts to shoot the Ebon Hawk down. The Ebon Hawk then docks at Citadel Station, in orbit over Telos IV. While the Exile, Kreia and Atton are on the station, the ship is stolen by one of Atris's Handmaidens, and taken to the Telos Academy at the polar regions in the north. After some ordeal, the Exile manages to locate the Ebon Hawk and arrive at the polar academy, where she meets Atris, and negotiates the return of the Ebon Hawk. The Exile then appropriates the Ebon Hawk as her own ship, and uses it in the search for Jedi Masters.

After the assault on Citadel Station by Darth Nihilus, Carth Onasi asks to speak with the Exile, inquiring as to where the Ebon Hawk came from, and if the Exile had any idea of Revan's whereabouts. Upon learning that the Exile did not know, Carth allows the Exile to take to Ebon Hawk to Malachor V, where Kreia is waiting. The Ebon Hawk crash-lands on the surface of Malachor V, scattering the Exile's companions across the surface, possibly killing some. The Ebon Hawk is then shown falling into a crevice on the surface of Malachor. Depending on the player's actions on Malachor, the Ebon Hawk either comes to save the Exile as Malachor collapses, or it remains crashed in the crevice, and Malachor remains intact.

The fate of the Ebon Hawk is unknown past the events on Malachor V.


  • From the earliest stages of it's inception, the Ebon Hawk was meant to recall the Millenium Falcon from the original films;
    Concept art prototype of the Ebon Hawk
  • The Ebon Hawk is the player ship in both KOTOR games;
  • Ebon Hawk was the first name considered for the ship during development. Bioware liked it so much they didn't bother brainstorming other ideas;
  • A swoop bike can be found in the Ebon Hawk's garage in the original KOTOR, but not the sequel.

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