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"The god" is a demonic being worshiped by Silent Hill's Order. It is not referred to by any specific name.

In Silent Hill

Depending on the ending the player ends up getting, the god will take on one of two different forms:

  • Incubator- This is the merging of the physical and spiritual Alessa. If Dahlia is allowed to complete the ritual without interruption, Alessa is replaced by a floating female figure that radiates with very intense light. This form is fought in the "Bad" endings and it takes the form of what Alessa believed the god would actually look like.
  • Incubus- This is a hideous, shrieking demon that takes the place of the Incubator if the player rescued Kaufmann during the game. The monster is the visualization of the mental image Dahlia had of the god. Its image resembles that of the demon lord Baphomet. This form is fought in the "Good" endings.

In Silent Hill 3

The God in Silent Hill 3

This final boss battle takes place the Order's church. The god is now capable of manipulating fire and the lower section of its body, but is still in an immature state of development due to its recent birth. As a consequence of having been born from Claudia's womb, it takes on the form of Alessa, the vision of the god Claudia believed in.

In Silent hill:Origins

The Demon

it appears as The Demon in Alessa's dreamworld as the final boss.This form was born as what Alessa's mother sees of her.

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