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This quiet and arena doesn't seem like the standard Mortal Kombat arena at first glance; no spikes, acid pools, spinning contraptions or pitfalls to be seen at first glance.
But the stage like many in the franchise, is deadly in certain spots.

Death Traps

This stage features multiple levels of combat (high and low level) and Death Traps ,of which there are two.
  • Fall to Spike: On the main platform the red ring displays the edge of the drop off. Knock your foe off that ledge and they'll fall to their doom where a large stone spike has their name on it, or rather, their spleen.
  • Statue Crush: On the lower level, the combatant that can drive his opponent into the main wall (cliff face in which statues make their home) will cause a single large statue to fall from above, crushing his opponent.


The music of the stage is another MK specialty blend of organic and electronic instruments. The MK Team describes the track: "The primary drum ensemble is made up of authentic African drums like the Surdu, Udu, and Djembe while the bass and melody are synthetic. The melody is this cool flute-like instrument that has a powerful filter on it."

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