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He is super strong
The Incredibles video game was released simulataneously with the theatrical film. The game features all the characters from the film as well as voice overs from the film's cast. It is one of the first Disney licensed video games to be rated T for teen. 


He is super fast
Bob Parr who is also the great super hero Mr. Incredible, and he is sued by a person he saved. After being sued he and all the other super heroes are forced to stop being super heroes. Bob goes on to live a boring and average life with his wife Elastigirl and his three children, who also happen to have super powers. Bob begins being a super hero again, and is captured by the evil villain syndrome. Bob's family uses their own powers to attempt and save him, while also trying to stop Syndrome. 


She is kind of lame
The Incredibles mostly plays like an action platformer, where you play as the Incredible family. You primarily play as Mr. Incredible, but you will occassionally be able to play as the rest of the family. Mr. Incredible's gameplay mainly requires brawiling and platforming. Some levels you will play as Elastigirl and you will use her powers to defeat different enemies. When you play as Dash the levels are timed, and are essentially races where you use his super speed to navigate the levels. Violet is only used once, and in this level you use her invisibility to sneak past enemies.

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