King of Fighters XIII

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SNK Playmore have today announced King of Fighters XIII, for the Windows based Taito X2 arcade platform. For all you the Roman numeracy deficient Giant Bombers. XIII means 13, which is of course unlucky for some. Whether this game proves to be unlucky for SNK after the overtly apparent failure of King of Fighters 2, remains to be seen. As a fan of the series, I will hope that it doesn't, added to the fact the genre really could do with some healthy competition right now. 
SNK Playmore will be holding "The King of Fighters XIII Official Preview." This will be held on March 25 from 18:00 to 19:30 at the Bellesdale in Akihabara. Fans can expect information along with images and video to hit the internet on the day.


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I hope this game is better then KOF XII.

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are the other KOF games any good? I didnt really get into fighting games until recently, and are the earlier ones some that i should check out?

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@V:  KOF 98 is arguably the best in the series.  The game is on XBLA if you are interested.
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In the 90s you were either a fan of Capcom or SNK fighters.  That's about as succinctly as i can sum it up.

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Im kidding. KOF11 was one of the best fighting games i ever played. 
I hope they get it right with this one.
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@JJOR64: @Linkyshinks: thanks! I just started getting into the fighting series again (i'm thinking that my real entry into the series is going to be SSIV), and I remember that there was a bit of hype over KOF XII, and it fell short of expectations, but I will definitely check out 98
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@JJOR64 said:
" I hope this game is better then KOF XII. "
I regret paying full price for KOF XII. T_T
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@Apathylad said:
" @JJOR64 said:
" I hope this game is better then KOF XII. "
I regret paying full price for KOF XII. T_T "
That sucks.  :(              I thought about getting it when it hits a super cheap price like $10.
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Um, get hype?
I completely forgot that 12 came out.  I saw the quick look, heard that online matches were hard to find and really laggy and wiped it from my memory.  I can't say as I have any interest in KOF 13.  I'm sure SNK won't make the same mistake and leave out Mai again.

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I’m still upset they haven’t patched the netcode for 12 @_@

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I think KOF hasn't made a smooth transition to HD compared to other fighters.
Actually, I think KOF has been one of the bottom tier fighters for a very long time.  I remember back in the day when I played KOF 98 and 99 a lot more than any other fighting game. But after that the series has been going down the drain in a rapid pace.
KOFXII had no appeal, the counter system and character designed seemed too close to Street Fighter VI, a lot of characters like Ralf look like totally different characters thanks to their steroid abuse and Athena, as usual, got more generic and boring.  It might be HD but BlazBlue looked much more impressive, in design, general looks, and even in content.  
(As for people who want to say SF4 has had characters bulk up, yes they did, but they don't look unrecognizably different)
So it's unsurprising if I have low expectations for KOFXIII. I'm planning on getting BlazBlue: CS, SSFVI, and perhaps finally Tekken 6 this year,  KOFXIII is totally off my radar.

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I liked what was in 12, but there just wasn't a whole lot of it, especially to justify $60. If they pump the content up then I will be happy.
edit: also hope they fix the online play for fuck sakes.

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i hope this has whip and kula and vanessa

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The most important thing to me is whether or not the game has a full roster (usually my main sticking point with any fighting game). Hopefully XIII will deliver where XII failed. Bringing back Mai is a good start, though she looks a little odd to me.

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Keep Mai out and I'm happy.

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@MysteriousBob said:
" Keep Mai out and I'm happy. "
I have nothing against the character, but I feel like people just want her in for fan service.
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Here you go.

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Oh great, let hope that they get it right this time. Also, I think this is the first KoF where Athena will not be redraw. I guess this show how much work they need to do to make HD sprites.

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I only really care about three characters: King (who I see is confirmed), Vanessa and Jenet. If those are in, I'll buy the game. If they aren't... I might buy the game, but probably not. 
Other fighters I'd like to see are Kula, Blue Mary and Oswald. None of those are must-have characters for me though, so I'll be fine even if they aren't in.

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Man, both Mai and Yuri look ass hat retarded...
The other characters seemed to have made it without trouble at least.

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The official King of Fighters XIII site has opened.  The site has sections for story, character, system and event, with one section currently listed as "coming soon." Under the character section, you'll find profiles of 25 of 31 characters. The system section details everything from the basics of the game to the Hyper Drive Mode and EX systems. There are a few gameplay movies too.   
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@Linkyshinks: Man, I checked out Mai on that site... her boob animation is ridiculous. And I don't mean that in a good way.
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King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match was announce for XBLA. . . . . . . . only for XBLA.
Fuck you, SNK.
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@Linkyshinks said:
" @Kou_Leifoh said:
" @Linkyshinks: 
King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match was announce for XBLA. . . . . . . . only for XBLA.   Fuck you, SNK.   "
  I know, it was announced in December last year. "
And I'm pissed off. . . .
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My little brother got some time with it at the Happy Arcade in Akihabara, he came away very impressed.

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someone answer me. 
 is that gonna be only 25 characters total????  
if so.... then im greatful that mai is back and King is in it but also disapointed cuz no Vanessa!!!!!!!! please reconcider Vanessa! please let her be in it!
please everyone vote for Vanessa! make SNK be heard that us fans wants Vanessa!!!!!!!! 
the overall visual of the game is astonishing as kof 11, a true 2D graphic root turns into super saiyan.
what i dont like is that why the fuck they make the camera zoom out? why they dont keep the camera from 12????? i like the camera from 12.... close up zoom which makes it feels more detail and make the overall gameplay immerse in detail! characters height is near HP bar... makes it great and wonderful. and i like camera from street fighter 2 more than camera from street fighter 4. street fighter 4 is close up and characters height is near hp bar.
please everyone vote for Vanessa! make SNK be heard that us fans wants Vanessa!!!!!!!! 
will it have new moves to iconic characters like mai and terry? cuz in SF4 and super SF4.... ryu, ken, chun li  ect.. all have same shiet! no new moves to see! same old crap! dammmit!
Mai kinnda look way too young in 13. she supose to look like a 20-25 year old.... but here she look like 13-16 year old.
that guy in red and bow in his head..... i first saw him in maximum impact and he look way tougher than he in 12 and 13! he look like a girl!!!! what the fuck???? he turned transexual? i have nothing against transexuals but why did he not look tough like maximum impact? weird... to see him like this when i first saw him manly and tough. 
oopz guess i got mix up with these 2 guys. they turn out to b a different person. this guy look like a girl is named ash and that guy in maximum impact is alba meira. hahahaha cNT BELIEVE i thought they same person.
will Mai have that move where she stand still while eurupting flames all over her body? like in snk vs capcom 2? hold down for 2,3 sec then up+punch. anyone see she do that yet in 13?

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