What's Your Favorite Dragoon Spirit?

#1 Posted by SymbolliC (340 posts) -

I've always been a fan of the Violet Dragoon, and the lightening. Other than that I always liked The White-Silver Dragoon, because White-Silver Dragoon is just an awesome name, and the white armor.

#2 Posted by Mo0 (66 posts) -

My favorite was always the Red Ranger.


I can't be the only person who called them Rangers throughout the whole game. :(

#3 Posted by Ross (421 posts) -

I did once or twice.  lol  I was always a fan of the Dark Dragoon a.k.a. Michael (they have Feyrbrand and Regole so where the hell did Michael come from?).

#4 Posted by SymbolliC (340 posts) -

Who knows, lol. I also like how the Violet Dragoon did a suicide crash, like how the Violet Dragoon in the FMV blew himself up to kill a virage.

#5 Posted by Ross (421 posts) -

Yeah that was cool.  It definitely darkened the mood and made you care about what was happening a little bit more.

#6 Posted by SymbolliC (340 posts) -

I think I hated Kongol's Gold Dragon the most, not that it wasn't cool, but didn't like it the most. Magic overall wasn't great.

#7 Posted by Ross (421 posts) -

Ditto with me.  I love Kongol but his magic is about as useful as trying to cut paper with a stuffed animal.

#8 Posted by FLStyle (5835 posts) -

Darkness Dragoon, Rose's HP drain saved me many times in my first playthrough. I also liked the animation for the Dark Dragon magic attack.

#9 Posted by DiscoLights (880 posts) -

Shana/Miranda's spirit. It heals and kills. what more do you need?

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