Is This Game Still Worth Buying?

#1 Posted by habster3 (3618 posts) -

I've been curious about this title; it has 5 games, is available for $20, features critically acclaimed games, etc.
BUT, I have a question for all GBers out there; is it still worth buying?

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For Portal alone.

#3 Posted by itsmadness (155 posts) -

It's one of the greatest deals I've seen, back when it was full price. 
So yes, for 20 dollars, it's amazing.

#4 Posted by iAmJohn (6166 posts) -

Is Half-Life 2 and its episodes still one of the best games of all time?  When you can answer that question, you will know your answer. 
HINT: Yes.

#5 Posted by habster3 (3618 posts) -

Thanks; I might check it out.

#6 Posted by Ace829 (2106 posts) -


#7 Posted by Damien (1378 posts) -

Why not

#8 Posted by omgmetalgear (145 posts) -

THE CAKE IS LIE. that means yes.

#9 Posted by c1337us (5877 posts) -

Absolutely yes. I didn't touch much of the Team Fortress stuff but for $20 you have all the Half-Life stuff there and Portal to throw into the mix.

#10 Posted by hedfone (1746 posts) -

depends on if you've played half life 2

#11 Posted by sodiumCyclops (2778 posts) -

Get it just for the fact it was the greatest gaming deal ever conceived.

#12 Posted by habster3 (3618 posts) -

Ok, but here's another question; do people still play Team Fortress 2 online?

#13 Posted by Icemael (6798 posts) -

Yes. Even if the price hadn't dropped a cent, it'd still be more than worth buying.

#14 Posted by BeachThunder (13307 posts) -

Yes and yes. Buy it NOW!
                                                       ... Now!
       ... Now

#15 Posted by PowerBombYo (199 posts) -

Yes, people are still playing TF2 online. Most people play the player matches and not the ranked.

#16 Posted by eroticfishcake (7856 posts) -
@habster3 said:
" Ok, but here's another question; do people still play Team Fortress 2 online? "
On PC there's more people playing online then you can count. Partially due to the fact that it's has a solid multiplayer along with new content being introduced for free every now and again.
#17 Posted by solidlife (901 posts) -

Yes. Preferably on The PC. due to the much much bigger TF2 online community   

#18 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

Yes, yes, yes.
HL2: Still worth playing, especially if you haven't yet. 
HL2 - Ep1: Arguably the weakest part of the HL main games. Still good, though. The developer commentary rocks! 
HL2 - Ep2: Amazing.  (Commentary!)
Portal: Must have and by far the best game of this generation (Commentary!)
Team Fortress 2: Fun, but rather pointless on the console version due to the bad performance and lack of upgrades + community. I still had plenty of hours of fun with it on the 360. 
Everyone should have The Orange Box.

#19 Edited by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -

On PC? Dude, yes
On console if you must? Dude, yes
The Orange Box is a must have for anyone, speaking of which I should get back to my billionth HL2 playthrough that I've started. Also, as Meowayne as stated above me -- the commentary in the games is awesome.

#20 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -
@habster3 said:
" Ok, but here's another question; do people still play Team Fortress 2 online? "
On PS3?
Don't think so.
#21 Posted by schizogony (988 posts) -

They're still playing on 360, however.

#22 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7802 posts) -
@schizogony said:
" They're still playing on 360, however. "
Hardly, and the 360 version sucks without the updates.

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