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This game was so below my expectations. By seeing all the videos and gameplay shots, this game looked pretty fun and interesting as a nice way for pandemic to go out in a bang, Well the game is just plain boring and isnt really that interesting after a while, despite having a nice tone and easy play style. I didnt really want to finish this one cause it didnt seem worth it, even when i Dl'd a savegame that was 70% of the game done. 
The Saboteur also doesnt have a very interesting story at all. IT seems like it keeps being dragged out and the chracters arent that memorable. The visuals are decent with rigard to faces and some environments, but the bodies of humans and explosions in particular look real bad and very 2004 ish. Not a good game really to spend time with, a real waste of time

Posted by AhmadMetallic

Perhaps you can tell us more about what you dislike, and what you like? that wasnt exactly detailed enough for me to know what u found boring or off-putting 
Personally i was charmed by the game for the first 5-10 hours or so, the story seemed interesting enough, the visuals felt really different and immerse, the shooting in the game feels really... different.. and satisfying.  
On the whole, i think its a really good game!

Posted by chilipeppersman

i liked it at first, but it just seemed way too gamey and repitative for me. i started to notice i was just doing the same exact thing over and over, and thats why i stopped playing

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