How do i fix the Blue Screen Issue and crashing with the sims 2 a

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How do i fix the Blue Screen Issue and crashing with the sims 2 apartment life?My game keeps crashing with my nivida geforce 8400gs and i keep getting the dreaded blue screen and then my game crashes what can i do to get around this by not having to sell my video card for one that can handle the sims 2 apartment life and won't crash my game or get the blue screen i tried the driver update and no such luck still crashes and blue screen.
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Do you have Norton Anti-Virus? That could be the problem. Also maybe try turning off the shaders. Source.

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Nope don't have norton i have avg and have existed while playing the game and even updated the drivers for my card and the game still crashes and blue screen but this time instead of it restarting my maching it just goes to a blank black screen write in the middle of the game.

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Someone  in that thread that I linked said that switching from AVG to Avira fixed it for them. I have no idea if that's your problem or not, but it might be worth a try if you really wanna play.

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What does the blue screen say? 
What are your specs?

Kinda hard to help if we don't have that kind of basic information.

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It doesn't say anything it just goes there and then restarts my computer which i heard has to do with the nivida video cards they tend to overheat?I have windows xp sp3 AMD 64 ATHLON 3500+ 2.20GHZ 1GB RAM NIVIDA 8400GS 512MB VIDEO CARD Hope this helps and the sims 2 website forums won't load it takes me to a blank white screen.

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First of all please turn off auto restart on error that will then stop it from restarting so we can get the full error.

Right click my computer > click properties > click advanced > click settings under startup and recovery > untick automatically restart on error > click ok > click apply and restart your PC.

If the PC blue screens note down the information and paste it with your next post.

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