stephen_von_cloud's The Warriors (Xbox) review

Brought Back the Beat Em' Up

The Warriors is a beat em' up and an adventure game rolled into one.  The combat system is brutal, satisfying, and works extremely well.  The combat system puts all other modern brawlers to shame and when you get a big rumble going on the action looks incredibly convincing. On top of the combat Rockstar, as they are known to do, adds layers of depth with small things, like the car stereo theft and tagging mini-games.  The style of the movie is nailed perfectly and all the additions as far as new story elements and gangs are all very well done and true to the film's spirit.

The game is so well put together that I can't understand why this game didn't bring the beat em' up back to prominence.  By bringing in elements from other genres, the brawler still has legs.  The Warriors proves it.  Highly reccomended.

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