Good Licensed Games

I should note that I mean licensed in the traditional sense of taking characters or stories from other mediums and bringing them to games. I don't mean sports games like Madden or Tony Hawk, even though both are technically licensed products.

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Posted by outlawed

I was just thinking of making a list of quality movie based games in lieu of Arkham. Glad to see the Buffy game up there. I always thought it was a really well done game in its own respects and well in the realm with the quality of the show it was based off of.

Posted by jakob187

Batman and Riddick are great competition to put against each other.  Awesome to see Everything or Nothing on there.  My brother and I played the SHIT out of that!  Makes me wanna bust out my copy...

Posted by m_rum

... Goldeneye?

Posted by DavidSnakes

Fuck you intentionally ignoring Goldeneye!  You gave it a motherfucking 9.8 anyway

Posted by D_W

OH meh to you guys. Golden Eye doesn't stand the test of time at all anyway.
Posted by Kolonel_Kool
@IntramanDW said:
" OH meh to you guys. Golden Eye doesn't stand the test of time at all anyway. "
True that!  As much as I love GoldenEye 007, it's hard to play it these days.
Posted by Rayfield
 The chicks are packed!
Posted by Delta_Ass

Everything or Nothing beats GoldenEye?
Good golly Miss Molly.

Posted by Milpool
@Delta_Ass said:
" Everything or Nothing beats GoldenEye? "
Posted by dagas

Buffy!? I had to look it up on gamerankigns and sure enough. 80 % average. I was so sure that game must be crap that I guess I've never even bothered to check any reviews. This is turning my world upside down. What other games have I just assumed are shit because they are licence products that actually might be good!?!

Posted by AllThatBacon

Needs more Warriors.

Posted by babz

Dude spiderman vs kingpin MD

Posted by Oni

Dude yes Warriors. Also Spider-Man 2 (the movie one) is still the best one for being the first to nail the web-swinging. And no game has done it better since, which is kind of sad? Web of Shadows was alright, though.

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Really? A Buffy the Vampire Slayer game... and a good one no less? This is really making me question the meaning of reality.

Posted by IBeDanYo

Good list. I'd have added Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight and KOTOR in there myself.    

Posted by SamStrife

You've just reminded me that the Buffy game was actually quite awesome.  Off to go break it out and see if it stands the test of time.

Posted by scarace360

weres golden eye and where is my worriers 2.

Posted by CptnOblivious

No Goonies?

Posted by ahoodedfigure

The Warriors is yes.  Also, is Buffy actually good?  I keep not trying it for some reason. 

Posted by KuwabaraTheMan

List is missing the best licensed game ever in KOTOR. That's about the only absent game I think really needs to be on there, though. (Goldeney was revolutionary, but not necessarily a great game)

Posted by Winternet

I feel like star wars is in the madden or tony hawk branch.

Posted by dantebk

I played Buffy the Vampire Slayer earlier this year and couldn't get into it. As much as I loved beat 'em ups 15 years ago, I don't think playing one in 2009 is a ton of fun. Oh well...

Posted by TRega123

Duck Tales for the NES belongs on this list!

Posted by CitizenKane
Posted by Nemesis


Posted by buzz_clik

Bruce Lee is still damn fine entertainment. I revisited it recently and although some of the childhood wonder has lost its sparkle, the game is still very playable. I nearly included it in my list of cool ninja games, but thought the black-swathed menace wasn't as key to the experience as some other titles. Besides, we all know the Green Yamo steals the show.

Posted by Radar
Posted by KuribosShoe

Everything or Nothing is a really good game.  Goldeneye was a just alright game that hit at precisely the right time.  I believe these things to be true.  Jeff could be yanking some chains here, but I agree with the sentiment all the same.

Posted by Yukoei
Posted by nintendoeats

Goldeneye is not fun anymore.
Please accept this guys. Its just not coming back. Halo is its successor.

Posted by cooljammer00

Funny, cause a lot of this list isn't on the quest.

Posted by Stefan
@Oni said:
" Dude yes Warriors. Also Spider-Man 2 (the movie one) is still the best one for being the first to nail the web-swinging. And no game has done it better since, which is kind of sad? Web of Shadows was alright, though. "
my thoughts exactly
Posted by ZanzibarBreeze
Sweet Home is missing. Connected to the Japanese film Suito Homu (of course). Overlooked but important for the survival horror genre; its progenitor.
Posted by Svenzon

Interesting list. Ever play Bethesda's Terminator FPS games, Future Shock and Skynet? While they didn't have the best plots, they did capture the atmosphere of the future war sequences very well. You also got to fly a captured HK, which was pretty awesome at the time.

Posted by Monk

Thanks for talking about Elite Force, such a overlooked game today, admittedly doesn't age well. 

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SPIDER MAN!?!?The original?Oh god man I hope you are kidding.That game wasn't fun at all just frustration.I hope you meant to say Spider Man for the PS1.
Also I think Batman Begins deserves a mention.Without that I don't think Arkham Asylum would be as good as it is.A lot of elements from Batman begins(mainly combat and stealth mechanics) were added into Arkham Asylum.You could think of AA as Batman Begins's successor.

Posted by Bundle85

Would you accept Cool Spot as a good licensed game, or is my nostalgia just fooling me again?

Posted by johnsonic7

Good to know I'm not the only one to has enjoyed everything or nothing.

Posted by pikeplacer
Cool Spot should be on that list!
Posted by Masha2932

Everything or nothing was a great game. I had so much fun playing it. It still holds up today and actually looks decent.

Great list Jeff and you incuded the Warriors as well. YES!! That game was so much fun in co-op, the writing was fun as well ( I got what you need fellas, the F) and the fighting system was simple but very satisfying. A definite candidate for a HD remake.

I'd add the Darkness and Spiderman 2 to my list. Spiderman 2's combat sucked, the city looked lifeless, story was crap-it had the textbook characteristics of a bad game but its saving grace was the web swinging. Oh the swinging, it made me feel like spiderman pulling off wall run and swinging on poles. Getting the gold medal in swinging challenges was hard as hell but when you pulled it off there was no better feeling.

I really wish most licensed games were good. There is no replacement for your favourite childhood characters in the digital realm. Uncharted is a great series but Nathan Drake will never be the same as Indy.

Good list Jeff, I haven't played many of the games listed but I will soon.

Posted by skrutop
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Nightfire and From Russia with Love are the good Bond games. GoldenEye was impressive I guess for an N64 game and there was good level design but really guys? Game was a joke compared to what was on PC at the time(Quake 2). It was like comparing Super Mario World to Alex Kidd or comparing Street Fighter Alpha 1 to Guilty Gear Accent Core, just laughable.