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MK:A Concept Art

The Wastelands of Outworld serve as a roadside battleground and have that increased feeling of spontaneous conflict.
When it makes its return in MK Armageddon, it has a Multi-Level structure. Combatants can smash their opponents through the gate at one end of the stage and through it. They’ll get to their feet in nearly the same setting, but the catapults down here are more plentiful.


Originally appears in MK II, and then returns in three-dimensions for Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

Death Trap

Weapon of choice

The original Wastelands is safe enough as MK goes; one only need worry about the facing opponent. The revised stage has a unique fatality  however. The starting arena has a catapult on the side near the original camera position. If one gets booted into the catapult’s waiting scoop, they’ll have a single moment to curse the opposition before being launched across the landscape, centering on a tower and slamming into it front-first. The body follows with a cartoony downward slide and we’re off to Round 2!

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