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A co-op visual novel where up to 4 players control up to 4 characters, trying to build up their stats before the Yawhg comes so they successfully rebuild their city afterwards. During each of the 6 weeks before the Yawhg arrives, each character chooses 1 location & action for that week. They will be asked to make an additional random choice based off that action as well. Their stats can increase or decrease as a result of each action, but there can also be more drastic consequences like turning into a vampire, a werewolf, setting off a story arc that affects another character, or utterly destroying a location so it can no longer be accessed.

Once the Yawhg finishes ravaging the town, each character has one last choice of what to do in the aftermath. Most of these choices help rebuild the town, although some do nothing (like the Town Drunk) or hinder rebuilding efforts (like the Looter). Once everyone makes this last choice, the game reveals the fate of the city and each of the individual characters.


The game's graphics are drawn by Emily Carroll, an artist known for dark, macabre one-off webcomics such as "His Face All Red."

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