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Thorus is undoubtedly the universal gatekeeper of the Gothic trilogy, in ironic satire of the rpg genre. In Gothic 1, Thorus guards the castle entrance in Gomez' Old Camp, requiring the nameless hero to quest and build reputation in order to pass. In Gothic 2 Night of the Raven, Thorus, as gatekeeper, dreads the sight of the nameless hero whose activities in Gothic 1 had left the Old Camp in disarray, and thus fears a repeat in the prisoners camp hidden on the ancient side of Khorinis. After the death of Raven, Thorus dissappears from Khorinis, appearing again in Gothic 3 guarding the Orc occupied city of Trelis. Obviously bothered by the appearance of the nameless hero, Thorus despairs that he cannot stop the hero from changing things at Khorinis as well.
If the hero chooses to liberate Trelis from the Orcs, Thorus, along with every member of the city, will assault the hero and die. However, in Gothic 3 Forsaken Gods, it is assumed that Thorus survives and struggles against Lee and Gorn for control of Myrtana.  

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