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Tiax is impressed with this group!  You will continue to serve him once he rules.

Tiax is a chaotic evil Gnome Cleric/Thief who can be recruited into your party in Baldur's Gate. He can be found in the streets of Baldur's Gate, preaching about Cyric, about himself, and about how it is his destiny to join the player's group - except, oddly enough, if the party's reputation is too low, in which case he will claim he has no time to waste on speaking with the group.

Tiax invariably speaks of himself in the third person, and most of the words that come out of his mouth refer to the fact that Tiax will rule. He will have verbal spats with Branwen, who thinks very little of him, and with Quayle, who thinks even less of him. When Quayle dies, Tiax rejoices that the smart one died but Tiax will still rule.

Tiax makes an appearance in Baldur's Gate II, as one of the more deserving of the inmates of Spellhold. His outlook by that point is completely unchanged.

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