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Games as art.

Most games only use the story or the plot device as a means to an end. That end being getting the player to progress further in whatever game-play element is the showcase of the game. Not so in To the Moon. In this fantastic RPG/interactive story game the plot is front and center and the rest of the game-play revolves around it, instead of the opposite.

A dying man's dreams and the life he lived are the centerpiece for the story. A tale of regret, loss, longing and celebration are all main themes. For every step you take in To the Moon you find yourself as the player relating to almost every scene that is played out. As the climax approaches you will be fighting back both tears and a smile.

Old school 16 bit era graphics give the game a nice nostalgic feel. It was a very ambitious move to try a game like this and I am glad they did. This and heavy Rain prove without a doubt that games can stand toe to toe with the best the Cinema and Literature has to offer.

The only real shortcoming is the fact you don't so much play this game as you watch it. The story while epic in shape and scope, is really the only thing to experience here. Once it's done it's done, there is almost no reason to play it again unless of course you want to relive ones of the best heartfelt stories in modern times.


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