Just beat the game. some thoughts about ending and game (spoiler)

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Ok, just beat the campaign, and honestly, I have  mix feeling about the end. I thought the way they ended it was cool. you get "captured" by grim, your mark all 5 guards, grab the gun from Reed, grim shoots three guys, you shoot two. Then, when you finally have Reed, you can either beat him up, or just plain shoot him. I didnt do the shoot option at the beginning parts of this sequence, so im not sure if you just kill him then, or if you would have shot him in the arm or something, but there is a option at the end to either kill reed or spare him. I personally spared him because I wanted my Fisher to just be done with it, and think that taking his life wasnt worth it. Like, hed finally let go and can move on without the need of killing him.I thought it would have made it a better character development.  thats what I wanted. But no, after he turns away, Grim just kills him instead.  
I freakin hate it when games do that. They gave me a choice, I chose not to kill him, and they still kill him anyway by just having someone else do it. What was the whole point of the choice then? you might as well just have same kill him without the need for a choice part.  
I do wonder what itll look like if I decided to kill him.  
Anyway, I liked how at the end Vic was talking about how sam and sarah went on a bit of a Vacation to try and catch up for lost time, and he makes the comment of sam saying that he loved him like a brother. then he says "brother, thats family right?" then you hear a explosion in the base hes being held, basically saying that sam is breaching the place and raising hell trying to get vic back, because thats what family does. thats the undergoing themes of this game I think, family and trust.   
Anyway, overall I say I enjoyed it. It did seem like I died in this splinter cell alot more times than I did the others. Maybe because its way more action based and your really get outnumbered easily.   
also, in a non ending related note, I liked how in the Iraq level you were actually Vic isntead of sam. Theres really no way of telling your not sam untill you actually end up rescuing sam, then you take off your mask to reveal that it was vic all along. which I thought was kinda a cool twist. I just figured you were sam.
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The co-op ending was really bad.
I've played the single too,and i hated it that way too,it was really good game though.

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I just beat the game as well, and while the ending wasn't the best ever it's definantly better then most Clancy games I've played, since the message wasn't all "AMMERRKKIIAAAA!".
I do hope they let Sam just continue to live with his daughter though after getting Vic out. As it's been said on the podcast, it's really time to let him go. If anything, have him be the "father" figure of a whole new breed of Splinter Cells or something.

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After experiencing both endings,  I can honestly say I didn't like either. In my first playthrough I wanted Fisher to take the high moral ground so I spared Reed, only to have that wiped away by Grim. Bleh I say. Bleh.
Also, I saw the co-op ending from a mile away. I did enjoy the final-final mission though, rad.

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Dude! I knew she was going to kill him if Sam didn't shoot him in the head. The game doesn't have very good surprises. I'll see that I guess once I beat it again on hard. Personally after beating it in one sit through last night. I really didn't feel like the game as a whole was very special whatsoever. I wish it was. It just felt so similar to a lot of games I've already played once before. And you can argue that for a lot of games, but, this just wasn't right. I did like the game though. I'm not saying it was bad. Just, not right how it seemed easily comparable to other games like Uncharted 2 or something and less like its predecessors. I think I would have liked it more if they had just made it like the other ones, just, faster paced maybe. The change of being into action was actually kind of nice. The one stage you had to be sneaky at the beginning of it was the worst to me personally I also wish you had actually been in the Third Echelon headquarters in another game. it would have made it better.    

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The Reed Dilemma reminds me of the 'To Shoot Lambert' situation in DblAgent and how it recon'd my choice. Not cool brah.

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I thought the choice was redundant too, but I see it a little differently; I don't see why Sam would spare him, or why anyone would for that matter. Sam has been killing people for years most of whom did far less than what Reed had done.
Take Reeds goons for instance, he drops them without even thinking. Why would he even second guess killing the man who not only tried to kill the president but had also been the cause of Sam's pain for the last three years?
I did both actions, shooting him first, but it seemed to me that "sparing" him what the developers prefered; you get more dialog and Sam seems to more satisfied with that outcome.
As for the Co-Op ending, I thought that while the story was a bit obvious and cheesy, the actual gameplay was fantasic.

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