Why I didn't finish Splinter Cell Conviction (Spoilers)

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#51 Posted by CL60 (17119 posts) -

Never argue with Hitman. He wont listen to anything. His opinion is the only one that ever matters in his eyes.

#52 Posted by pectoral (125 posts) -

Mocking each other isn't going to get you far.

#53 Posted by sawfish22 (252 posts) -
@FlyingRat said:
" @HitmanAgent47 said:

Videogames are about gameplay. If you need a story or motivation to play a game, like it's a movie, you probally aren't a gamer. Ubisoft games doesn't have great stories, it mostly focus on the gameplay.
I'm not suggesting you aren't a gamer, however i'm saying gameplay is more important than story and presentation. Maybe you should play a bit more if you stopped right there at that story point. It's like saying I watched a movie and stopped watching it because I didn't like the first plot point.

That's a matter of opinion. Now stop being a douchebag. "

#54 Posted by FlyingRat (1454 posts) -
@CL60 said:
" Never argue with Hitman. He wont listen to anything. His opinion is the only one that ever matters in his eyes. "
I know. I've learned that by now. It has just bothered me for months that i never really say anyone call him out for it. With good reason i suppose.
#55 Posted by RiotBananas (3822 posts) -
@LlamaLlama said:
" As a (aspiring) writer "
This was your first mistake.
#56 Edited by CaptainFish (478 posts) -

You really shouldn't use something designed to be satire to prove your point. It makes you sound crazy. (teh_pwnerer wouldn't even play this game at all, because you can't beat another dude at it, he's all about competition.) Especially when you're trying to ostracize this dude from the "gaming community" instead of addressing his real issue, which is shitty stories in games. If real gamers don't care about stories in games, then everyone who makes games must not be a real gamer, because they keep putting it in there.

Lot's of games have interesting and varied gameplay that could stand up even if they were abstracted. Other games have a basic gameplay system with a few set pieces to break up monotony. From what I've heard SC:C is competent, but not really all that varied, and it is being marketed on the strength of it's story as well as it's gameplay. That explains why there are quick time event points where you beat up a dude or lady to advance the plot. Those sections definitely aren't compelling gameplay. When the story of a game marketed on the strength of it's story falls flat, especially by retconning something that was an important plot point earlier in the series, it's reasonable that you would stop playing. I would certainly not finish the Assassin's Creed games, Mass Effect 2, or any JRPG based soley on the strength of the gameplay alone. It's too homogeneous all the way through to be entertaining for the whole experience.
#57 Posted by Binman88 (3713 posts) -
@FlyingRat said:
" @Binman88 said:
" Hitman is a professional troll dude, just stop replying. "
He can't be though, he has almost 5000 posts. This is just honestly how he thinks "
Alrighty, I'll rephrase. Hitman is a professional crazy person.
#58 Posted by FlyingRat (1454 posts) -
@Binman88 said:
"Alrighty, I'll rephrase. Hitman is a professional crazy person. "
Okay, that i will go along with.
#59 Edited by HitmanAgent47 (8553 posts) -

Still quitting a game because you didn't like the first plot point or it's different than what you expected. Let's use a few examples, god of war 3,


I expected gaia that big creature to fight along side kratos against zeus climbing up the mountain because it was hinted in the last game, instead they fought against each other in the end, then she fell because of kratos.  

After that plot point do I just give up on the game right there at the beginning? Absolutely not, I will try to play more of the game before I jump to conclusions. Also just cause 2 has a non existent story, I still play that game though, it doesn't  matter all the time, most games doesn't have a good story.  
Like I said, ppl often accuses themselves through others, throwing the word crazy out of nowhere really shows maybe you have some form of mental illness. I think I figured out what it is.  

#60 Posted by JJWeatherman (14867 posts) -

That's crazy son. You need to overlook the crappy story in the case of good gameplay sometimes. The game isn't GOTY material or anything, but it's pretty short and worth seeing.

#61 Posted by ATrevelan (618 posts) -

My beef with SCC's plot twist re: main character's offspring is that her status was more or less Sam's impetus for doing anything, like the OP said. Also, going back to Double Agent the same family member was Sam's reason for going underground and taking on a physically, emotionally, and mentally difficult mission. 
The writers basically decided to ret-con the series's storyline.

#62 Posted by Djeffers03 (2537 posts) -

The reason I NEARLY didn't finish the game was because of the that one room in the white house where a metric fuck-tonne of bad guys came bursting through the doors after killing interrogating that one dude. 
Damn that was a long sentence.

#63 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19302 posts) -
@HellBrendy said:
" I loved Splinter Cell Conviction. True, the story wasn't "all that", but it was told in a great way, and the gameplay was beyond marveoulus (lol, spellcheck).   "

my answer ! 
@bellmont42 said:
" Surprisingly... that was NOT the twist :P "
ive beaten the game twice and i forgot the actual twist already 
i keep forgetting shit goddamnit.. can you remind me? something about the white house
#64 Edited by ErEl (141 posts) -
@HitmanAgent47 said:

It doesn't mean splilnter cell conviction failed because of ubisoft's style of story telling. These are game directors, not movie directors and the medium doesn't have to be as well told as movie scripts. I don't know a ubisoft game where it had a great story, or a story that is told well. My quotes are from the video above, so it's not entirely my opinion, rather I agree with what the pwnerer said and his definition of a gamer.

You're right it doesn't have to be as good as a movie script, that's because the style of writing in both mediums are different (or at least are supposed to be). This is what gamers, journalists, and even some game designers always get wrong - they compare the writing in a game to that of a movie's... this makes no sense. There's good writing in comics, good writing in novels, good writing films, games, etc. But the important thing is that they require different skills from the writer and a different approach. The main difference between story telling in games and movies of course is that the narrative in games should be interaactive, narrated through gameplay, speech and dialogue, and the art (not just in cut scenes), whereas of course in movies the whole thing is watching moving pictures and it's 100% 'linear' in video game terms. But of course like the pwnerer from PurePwnage says, a lot of games don't even need to have a back story at all but just about having fun.
#65 Posted by Vinny_Says (5912 posts) -
@LlamaLlama: so 7 hours of shit gameplay with bad camera controls and shitty framerate are fine if the cutscenes are cool?
#66 Posted by c1337us (5877 posts) -

I didn't finish Splinter Cell Conviction because it played like shit and the wasn't good enough to make me persevere with it. 

#67 Posted by 234r2we232 (3175 posts) -

A story can be a foundation for a video game, and be just as crucial to the enjoyment as any gameplay mechanic. If the foundation fails to deliver then everything else can be made redundant. I'm not sure why people are finding this so hard to believe.

#68 Posted by CptDanger (36 posts) -

No light/sound meters, no varying levels of npc awareness, 100% linear game play (in both single player and co-op). Aside from familiar names and faces this game bares no resemblance, with regard to game play, to the first three games.

#69 Posted by NTM (9029 posts) -
No, the thing that dissapointed me most was figuring out that they made it so Lambert was dead, and the ending that I didn't like in Double Agent was the true story. As for the gameplay, I think it's an awesome action game, I do. But, it isn't Splinter Cell. And I liked the atmosphere of the previous Splinter Cells more than this (excluding Double Agent) since it's basically in DC the whole game which I don't care for too much, but it is alright. Only thing right now that I can ask for is another Splinter Cell like this game to make it official that this is Splinter Cell now, which is fine. I just want something more than this.

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