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Tony Hawk 3 keeps the combo going. 0

Tony Hawk 3 builds upon the inventiveness of 2 by adding another game-changing move in the revert, allowing for combos to be maintained on ramps and half-pipes. The levels are once again inventive and interesting, the graphics and music are decent and some of the objectives throughout the campaign can be a little obscure, but most are just the right level of challenging and very fun. Doesn’t quite have the same level of focus in level design that 2 had, making it feel a touch more shamboli...

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More of the same fun. 0

Neversoft's Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 Is another awesome game in the Tony Hawk series. It is the last Tony Hawk Proskater game with the original 2:00 goal attack frenzy! This game has so truely hillarious Goals like: Knocking a Foundry foreman into a vat of water, Helping a geek get his tounge off a pole in Canada, and Covering a bully in the snow. The graphics were wonderfully done and the sound is amazing. The soundtrack is good. It has bands like AFI, Alien Ant Farm, CKY, Del Tha Funkee Homosa...

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This game is full of great gameplay, back to front 0

This game follows the previous game in the series perfectly. This game is just as good if not better, with a better soundtrack as Ace of Spades as the intro song. The gameplay is pretty well the same, offers a couple new things. Your goal is to go through levels doing objectives within a 3 minute time limit similar to the previous games. All the levels vary in different ways, making each level different and fun to keep playing through the game, offering different types and surroundings for skate...

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Skateboarding is fun and flawless 0

The big jump to the next generation console for the THPS series worked to well. The mechanics and gameplay are to well executed and makes this game probably one of the best games you will ever play. It has the same gameplay from the previous games, but plays much smoother with excellent graphics to top it all off. It has different but some similar levels to its PS version, but also plays better than that version as well, and a lot more unique tricks to pull off. Each objective you have is really...

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