Rome II Video Demo - Campaign & Historical Battle

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Courtesy of Eurogamer at Rezzed 2013 Developer Sessions. Would be nice to see that they actually improved the AI in a meaningful way, but campaign features look nice.

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Sorry about double post, can a forum admin/mod remove the other?

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Saw this before, agreed hope the AI acts more intelligent in this game, but at least this demo was done differently than in E3. I couldn't help but laugh when the player launched the flaming boulders into his own chariots. But hearing about what they are trying to do, this AI might by the most formidable in the series (All fighting in a specific style).

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Can't wait. Think it's a lot easier in general to get the AI to act competently in melee heavy fighting than in Empire/Napoleon style, so I doubt it'll be too bad.

That said, I just played through a Napoleon campaign with DarthMod and it's a massive improvement. Really impressed with it.

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I'm just stoked it's going to be back in Rome again. The way the roman legions fight made the first game easily my favorite. Though I really liked the others too.

Going to guess the AI will be an improvement over Shogun 2, but still not flawless, because these games just have too much going on in them.

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Damn misleading title! I thought this was a link to a demo download. >:(

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@dacnomaniac: Apologies good sir! Title is changed. Never want to mislead my fellow Total War fans.

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