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Transarctica is based on a French sci-fi novel, "La Compagnie de glaces" (The Ice Company), set in a world where humanity has inadvertently created a perpetual cloud cover; blocking out the sun and causing a nuclear winter. Humans eke out a living at secluded outposts while packs of wolves and herds of mammoths roam the vast frozen tundras now that make up the world's geography. A network of heavily armored trains and well-maintained railroads, run by the tyrannical Viking Union, is the only hope the remaining humans have of supplies and transportation. The player controls the crew of rebels whom have recently emancipated one of these trains from the Union: the eponymous Transarctica.
Gameplay is focused on two modes: Management, where the player controls all aspects of their train's size, mobility and trade as they stop at various locations in Eurasia; and Combat, where the player must use the resources of the Transarctica to repel Viking Union trains and other rivals. The player must constantly purchase, mine or loot their main fuel source: coal.

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