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Twisted Metal Black is dark, disturbing, sick, and very very good 0

Twisted Metal Black is messed up. Seriously, seriously messed up. It also happens to be the best vehicular combat game to date, and brings the series back to prominence after an extended period of irrelevance. Gameplay is great in this game. First off, TMB is a hard game. The computer opponents are good at dogging you and taking you out. Later on, the bosses are absolutely brutal and punish you for making any mistakes. What stands out most of all is that each character requires you to play diff...

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I can't even begin to describe how hard this game is. 0

I have always loved the Twisted Metal series. Even the lesser Twisted Metal games we're a guilty pleasure for me. I can't even begin to count how many hours I spent played Twisted Metal on the PSX as a kid. Upon playing the first level of Twisted Metal: Black, I was amazed. The game offered everything that the original series had to offer, but with better graphics, tighter control, smarter AI, everything. It had already become my favorite Twisted Metal game. But as I continued the game more and ...

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More like Twisted Metal CRACK! Am I right? Guys? Hellooo. Is 0

I was thinking of a game to review and I thought up that stupid tag line.  Now I have to write a review that not only is long enough to get on the site, but justifies the line and an appropriate score.  Thanks, me from two minutes ago! Without going too much into the detail of the Twisted Metal series, it is suffice to say that this is a reboot of the franchise and that a lot of people have said that this was a good thing since the series sort of shot off the rails since the third game.  My pers...

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