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the game of the history!

Uncharted:drake's fortune gave the emotion to play a stunning and excellent action adventure game thar i still play.Uncharted 2:among thieves was the best game i have ever played,it had much action,puzzles and (for me) unforgotten moments.Now Uncharted 3 made me forget about U1 and U2!! this game is the best in the series,,,the graphics are awesome,no other game can come close,the moments are just PERFECT and the music/voice e escellent as always. the best game i have ever played!!! if you want to skip uncharted 3,the you gonna lose the videogames finest moment!!

Posted by GaspoweR

Please use spell check.

Posted by JasonR86

Fantastic. Well done sir. What a thought provoking review.

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    Let me say straight away that Uncharted 2 is my favourite game of all time so Uncharted 3 had a lot to live up to. Reading other reviews of the game, with a general consensus of "more of the same", I was hugely looking forward to this. After just completing it however I have to say that it most certainly isn't Uncharted 2.2, it's more like Uncharted 1.7.Let me start with the good : when Uncharted 3 gets it right nothing else can touch it. The standout moment for me is the cargo plane sequence wh...

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