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Urban Chaos: Riot Response is a first-person shooter by Rocksteady studios. Although technically competent, it received a lukewarm reception, and has mostly been forgotten. Despite the similarities in the titles, Riot Response is unrelated to Eidos' 2000 third-person action adventure, Urban Chaos.


A Burners gang member with a hostage
In Urban Chaos: Riot Response you play as Nick Mason an Elite member of a super police force known as T-Zero. A gang known as the Burners have decided that they want control of the city, and will do whatever it takes to get their way. Buildings have been destroyed, running pitch battles between the gangs and the police are common place and the streets are no longer a safe place to be.  A riot brakes loose and it is too much for the regular police to handle. That's where Mason and his team come in. Using his riot shield and what ever weapons he can find, it is up to Mason to send the hoards of insane and heavily armed deviants back to to where they came from. Mason has to work with Fire Fighters, Police Officers and Paramedics to get through the hazardous environments created by the Burners.


Channel 7 News

Channel 7 News Banner
The games story is told through the use of a fictional news service called channel 7 news. The news broadcasts which feature live action cut scenes set up each level by describing the events as crimes in progress. The broadcasts also wrap up the loose ends to keep the story together. 


A Burner Gang Member
The Burners are a violent gang who want to take control of the city as a way of overthrowing the current political powers and creating their own ruling structure. They have crippled the city's infrastructure and are heavily equipped with melee weapons as well as firearms and fire based explosives. The Burners and the gang leaders are the primary enemy in the game.


Medal System

The game employed a system were you earn medals after completing missions. You could earn medals for gaining a certain amount of headshots, non-lethal arrests or completing the whole mission without dying once. When playing on the Elite or Terror mode you could earn even more medals. The medals would then be used to unlock certain upgrades which made your character stronger.


"Take your city back by whatever means necessary. "

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