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Dr. Johnson is young but extremely good at his job, particularly when it comes to autopsies, which proves to be useful to Agent Morgan and the Greenvale police when the Raincoat Killer strikes the town of Greenvale. He also really loves to play chess and considers himself to be quite skilled at it.  He has reportedly taken on the job of coroner for Greenvale in an attempt to further medical science for the good of mankind but it is unclear how he plans to do this.  Ushah is also apparently quite wealthy from money he made in an unknown career while residing in Los Angeles and he owns a very posh home in a upper scale Greenvale neighborhood.  

Facts about Ushah Johnson

  • He's rich no doubt. 
  • Resembles a famous singer with a name close to his, but only in that both of them are black.
  • Loves chess so much he enjoys making confusing chess-based puzzles to throw people off before they can enter the  morgue

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