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Produced by Defiance Industries, the Uziel is a well-balanced medium Inner Sphere BattleMech which boasts solid firepower and excellent maneuverability. With speeds topping out at just under 100 kilometers per hour and even further mobility provided by six Rawlings 50 jump jets, the Uziel is quite capable of running circles around heavier and more cumbersome 'Mechs, while its weapons are sufficient to be threatening even to BattleMechs far above its own weight category. In addition, it enjoys a very large torso rotation radius (120° in both directions), and is furthermore well protected for its size with eight tons of Maximilian 100 armor. The gestalt of these features is a versatile medium 'Mech with very little in the way of obvious flaws, and one that can be truly intimidating in the hands of a skilled MechWarrior.

While within BattleTech fiction the Uziel is somewhat stigmatized due to the generally poor reputation of its Furillo production site, it is a fairly prominent 'Mech in later MechWarrior titles, being introduced to the series by way of MechWarrior 4: Vengeance, which featured the 'Mech on its cover. It would later appear in the MechWarrior 4 expansion Black Knight in addition to the stand-alone MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries, and it was also adapted to the MechAssault series. Though the Uziel's primary loadout includes an LB 2-X Autocannon, an SRM-6, and a variety of lasers, it is perhaps best known for the UZL-2S variant configuration which features a PPC in each arm. This specification also includes a machine gun mounted on both the right and left torso, as well as an SRM rack located in the center torso just above the cockpit. In spite of its canonical status as a somewhat rare alternative loadout, it is the UZL-2S weapon array that is depicted as the primary in most games.

Vital Statistics

Production InformationTechnical SpecificationsDefault Weapon LoadoutAlternate Weapon Loadout
  • Affiliation: Inner Sphere
  • Designation: BattleMech
  • Production Planet: Furillo
  • Producer: Defiance Industries
  • Cost: 9,785,700 C-Bills
  • Class: Medium 'Mech
  • Weight: 50 Tons
  • Armor: 8 Tons Maximilian 100
  • Top Speed: 97.2 kph
  • Jump Jets: Yes
  • 1 LB 2-X Autocannon
  • 1 Large Pulse Laser
  • 1 ER Medium Laser
  • 2 ER Small Lasers
  • 1 SRM-6
  • 2 PPCs
  • 2 Machine Guns
  • 1 SRM-6

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