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Vaan is a young, fun-loving teen from the city of Rabanastre, often referred to as a street urchin. His dream is to be a sky pirate. He's a bitter enemy of the Archadians who now control the city (and entire kingdom of Dalmasca for that matter). In the beginning of the game, he shows his dislike of them by stealing a pouch of gil from one of the patrolling soldiers.

Vaan is bitter at the Archadians because he blames them for the killing of his family, especially his brother Reks. He and Penelo, his close friend, have stayed by each other through their turmoils, and they both work for a merchant named Migelo to make a living. Vaan often does the dirty work, killing creatures who affect Migelo's business or making deliveries.

Vaan's hatred of the Archadians results in an attempt to steal some of their treasure... from right under their noses! He sneaks into the castle, finds the treasure room, when suddenly other thieves enter. He grabs a beautiful crystal, and goes along with the other thieves, who turn out to be sky pirates, to escape. The rest of his journey leads him to understand more about the crystal he bears, the crystals the other kingdoms bear, and the magicks surrounding them. 
Vaan from Dissidia 012 Duodecim Final Fantasy

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