loganhallfin's Valdis Story: Abyssal City (PC) review

A great platforming ARPG with Zelda and Metroid-Vania elements.

A lot of great games have been combined to breathe life into Valdis, wall jumps, ledge hanging, melee combos, areas that aren't accessible until you clear out the next "dungeon" and come back. Quick travel between towns, crafting and item upgrading, talent trees... the list goes on.

You choose one of two (eventually 4 with free DLC) characters to hack, slash and magic your way through angels and demons alike.

The combat isn't really the best I've ever seen but its certainly very functional. The real treat is once you put a handful of hours into the game and have bulked up your character with gear and skills and talents, its a lot better and it just keeps getting better and better as you develop.

Valdis looks great, its got rich detailed graphics and some great enemy/boss design.

The music isn't anything too awesome, but it didn't leave me thinking it was bad at all... most games I'll just mute and play something else. It is really a shame there is zero voice acting, and I think it would of really pushed this game into that much more greatness.

The story is probably a little short, but I'd like to ask you how long is Diablo 3's story? How long is Torchlight 2's? Or Zelda a link to the past, if you just play straight through the story and don't do anything else?

With all of the hidden items to find, timed puzzles to solve, multiple difficulties and multiple characters, I don't really see Valdis' content being a negative for me. Not to mention the "Coming soon" free DLC/additions.

All in all I'm very happy to recommend this game.


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