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Platinum delivers another home run in over the top action

Here we have an example of a game that probably flew under a lot of radars. I only heard a little bit about it personally but the review was enough for me to try it out. Quite frankly, Vanquish is a pretty good game. Created by Platinum Games of Bayonetta fame, you will definitely enjoy your time with this futuristic shooter.

The shooting is pretty standard. There really isn't anything that stands out in either the good or bad category. Adequate would sum it up nicely. There was the fact that you can't switch your shoulder when you are aiming over your shoulder. After playing through Uncharted it makes you appreciate being able to switch based on what side of cover the enemies are on. But like I said, nothing really to complain about.

What is not standard is the crazy over the top action of the game, which should come as no surprise for anyone who knows about Bayonetta. Yes this game also features some insane moves while you are shooting. They all center around this suit that you are wearing. It allows you to both slow down time and zip around the levels, even doing both at the same time. Sure slowing down time is nothing new at this point, but when you do it in Vanquish it is just ultimately satisfying. You are just rolling around and boosting your way around what can only be described as frantically chaotic battle zones. I wish I could tell you more but I have not done it justice, just know that it is awesome.

That is by far the best part of the game. The story is pretty standard, but there are a few moments of splendidness to partake in but not enough to warrant a splendid story. The characters are pretty bland. Even the lead role is pretty boring aside from the fact that he loves his smokes. What else? There is a very small weapon upgrade system but nothing really interesting about that aside from the fact that every time you die, you lose an upgrade to all of your weapons. Yeah that kind of sucks but whatever. Not enough to ruin your experience.

Really you are paying for this fantastic experience of flying around blasting fools with bullet time. Its not all bullet time, you just won't live very long if you don't use it because it is that crazy. But in a good way. Even with the blandness of the story and characters, I enjoyed my short time with Vanquish. It is a weekend game to be sure but worth the money at this point. Recommended for fans of that good kind of crazy shooter.

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