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Before the storyline of game

Prior to the game, Vashyron was a soldier assigned to an expedition set by Cardinal Antourion ( a major ruling figure in Basel). However, the expedition goes awry and many of the soldiers (excluding Vashyron) were killed. Vashyron was actually meant to be killed, when an angel-like child appeared in front of him and delivered a killing blow to him. However, for some reason Vashyron survived the blow. "I cheated death that day", he said.  Not long after, he resigned from the military and began life as a hunter (an ex-military person doing varying jobs for anybody rich or poor).  
Soon after, Vashyron was assigned to kill someone who was on a killing spree. He followed the killer to his hideout in the seminary and easily subdues the killer. However, Vashyon failed to execute the target, as his shots to that person's brain through the mouth proved ineffectual. Cardinal Lagerfeld, who was supposed to witness the execution, was worried because he and Vashyron can't just leave the killer alive. Vashyron decided to take in the killer into his care. The boy turned out to be Zephyr, who would help out Vashyron in his duty as a hunter. Although the two characters grew close, they never openly discuss the day they met.  

During the Game

By the time the game prologue starts, Vashyron is a 26 year old hunter who lives with two other characters: Zephyr (the boy who Vashyron took in, see above) and Leanne, a 21 year old girl who Zephyr saved a year ago. Both work for Vashyron in doing his errands and also are capable of using guns and firearms. It is quite possible that Vashyron taught Leanne about such nuances, although he might have tutored Zephyr as well. 
The game starts off with the threesome doing certain odd jobs in order to receive income, such as delivering items or fighting off gangsters. However, as time goes on, the main characters begin to learn about the dark past of each other. Vashyron knew about Zephyr and what he did, but he eventually learned that Leanne was a guinea pig for an experiment concerning life span manipulation; she was programmed to die but didn't. Leanne would also learn of Zephyr's misdeeds while accompanying Vashyron to the Crank Seminary (where Vashyron and Zephyr first fought and met).  
Soon after Leanne's 22nd birthday she decided to find Juris, a scientist who she befriended as a guinea pig in the aforementioned experiment. Initially against her wishes, Vashyron and Zephyr followed her to Aetersyl to rescue Juris. Upon being rescued, Juris tells Zephyr and Vashyron about  how people could be killed by having their quartz (in essence a life stone) destroyed, and how Leanne's quartz is in the posession of Sullivan, the head scientist in the experiment. Vashyron suggested that everyone should forget abou the ordeal and move on with their lives, but Zephyr angrily elected to find Sullivan and find Leanne's quartz. 
When the gang finally tracked down Sullivan, they attempt to extort the quartz. But Sullivan doesn't have it, and he told the group that Leanne's quartz will be destroyed if he is killed. Before there is any chance of response, Cardinal Rowen tracked down Sullivan and killed him, wanting to see if Leanne will die once her quartz is supposedly destroyed. Surprisingly, Leanne doesn't die, but Zephyr wanted to kill Rowen after that. He believed that Rowen took away his reason of living.  The threesome then went into the Basilica and killed Cardinals Garigliano, Antourion and Rowen himself. However, when Zephyr fatally shoots Rowen the latter doesn't die; Zenith, the machine that controls the life-span of humans, allowed Rowen to live longer.  
Vashyyron is last seen to be outside of Basel with Zephyr and Leanne, where the land is unscarred from pollution and where the air is clean.  


On the surface, Vashyron talks like a mercenary: All he really cares about is business and money. However, he shows care for both Zephyr and Leanne, being the main coordinator of the groups's activities and jobs. However, Vashyron also shows a perverted side, as he demonstrates a slight fetish for women's breasts and reproductive system.  


"If you're serious about letting loose those bunker busters, don't be surprised when I return fire with my trusty magnum." 
- Vashyron (in his mind), after gazing at the large, bouncy and soft breasts of Cardinal Barbarella 
"Daddy does not approve!" 
- Vashyron, in response to seeing Zephyr and Leanne in wedding clothing, supposedly marrying each other (when in fact the two are acting as fake newly-weds for a cardinal) 
"If you can hold your own, I could use you. Everyone else is just dead weight" 
-Vashyron, echoing the lines of his late friend Victor (who died in the expedition, see above) 
"That all you got?" 
"I can see right through you" 
"I can read your every move" 
"They [enemies] bit off more than they can chew". 

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