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ven (stained glass) BBS - beginning

Ventus was contacted by Xehanort so Ven can become Xehanort's vessel to forge the X-Blade. The task failed, thus letting Xehanort extract Ven's darkness. The extraction created Vanitas and it scarred Ven and gave him amnesia. At Destiny Islands, he was contacted by a newborn's heart to heal Ven. The healing caused Ven to own a keyblade. Xehanort took the amnesiac to Eraqus to train for 4 years. Ven traveled to various worlds to find Xehanort. On the way, he encountered the Unversed. Ventus was contacted by Xehanort to find back his memories to forge the X-Blade. When he came to Destiny Islands by Vanitas, he regained his memories. When he returns to the Keyblade Graveyard, Ven was frozen. He was thawed by Aqua. Vanitas revealed that he created the Unversed. Both Ven and Vanitas fused to forge the X-Blade. It was broken by Aqua since it is needed to find seven lights and thirteen darknesses. Ven's body was sent to the ruined Land of Departure by Aqua. Ven's heart came across the boy who healed him: Sora. Both hearts merged so Ven can live in Sora. Ven's heart gave Sora the ability to use a keyblade. When Sora stabbed himself with Xehanort's Keyblade, Roxas was born. Roxas contains Ven's heart so he looks and sounds like him.

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