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My kids watch this. What is the world coming to.

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Actually looking forward to this.. but Don is still my boy, purple.. yus.

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Hideous character designs in this game.

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This seems like it could be okay for a downloadable game.

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This actually looks awesome. O_O

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@blacklab said:

My kids watch this. What is the world coming to.

Fills me with fear...

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Character models are so awful looking :(

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@blacklab said:

My kids watch this. What is the world coming to.

No, they don't. They watch the Nickelodeon cartoon that's pretty alright because it understands its audience well.

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And with that, the circle is complete.

Oh, @alex. So young. So naive.

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How have I not heard of this till now? Hope it is coming out on PC.

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The TMNT TNT will be legendary.

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Leonardo has always been my fav. one ^^

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Here's hoping for local co-op!

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@blacklab said:

My kids watch this. What is the world coming to.

what's wrong with that?

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That combat didn't seem too bad. I wonder if they're going for a deeper combat system this time around.

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That actually looked pretty fucking sick.

I used to be a huge ninja turtles nut as a little kid, so I could see myself actually diving into this.

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The circle is complete? What about Venus?

Nah I'm kidding. We're good here. I wonder what Splinter looks like in this nightmare vision of Ninja Turtles though.

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Shouldn't it be a square, because there's four turtles?

I mean....just saying...

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@andrew2696 Kevin Nash played Super Shredder in Secret of the Ooze not Splinter lol

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I was always a Leonardo kid, but Ninja Gaiden this is not. Swords cut people.

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@blacklab said:

My kids watch this. What is the world coming to.


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::insert some smarmy comment about how High Moon Studios (owned by Activision) used the same combat engine for Deadpool::

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@blacklab said:

My kids watch this. What is the world coming to.

Everyone who grew up in the 80s watched TMNT as a kid. I think we're going to be alright.

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@charaznable: Looks exactly what a giant bipedal humanoid turtle would look like.

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Remember the one where they opened up that weird portal and those rock and roll guys in the flying car came out?

Will they be in this?

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Good god they really are emphasizing the MUtant part of the title. What was that little battle cry move Leo just did there,(00:44) he looked like a creepy puppet.

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Really, I don't understand whats so wrong with the character models. I haven't seen one person elaborate as to why they dislike it.

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Still release date on this other than 'summer'? I'm looking forward to this one.

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@blacklab said:

My kids watch this. What is the world coming to.

This is not what the current cartoon looks like. This is more reminiscent of the early comic books when the turtles were more grotesque in appearance.

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How crazy would it be if this game turned out well?

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Is there a pizza eating mini-game in this?

Posted by Dooleh

not on PC... WTF activision?

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Since the circle is made up of four points, I guess you could could say circle...





...gets the square.

Posted by arch4non

Looks pretty cool, but if it doesn't have 4-player splitscreen then I'm not interested.

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Why cant they make something that looks more like turtles in time. that game is timeless.

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Go Leo!