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woah Pixies reference

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@Jimbo said:
" Messiah. "
I was gonna put that down again, glad you said it first. Though, Jeff, that was a PC game, not an arcade title. Also, tthere are a few other games about "body jacking" that arguably came first. Space Station: Silicon Valley jumps to mind. Personally, Mindjack reminds me of Geist for the Gamecube, considering you're jumping into people with weapons (the multiplayer mode of Geist, not the single player where you leapt into objects to scare people with 'em).
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The people being able to jump in anytime for your story is neat but looks like an annoying version of Black Phantoms from Demon's Souls. Least give me the option of regular story vs letting people jump in story.

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The multiplayer smacks of Demon's Souls with people jumping in either for or against you. 

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Psi-Ops without the telekinesis?

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Maken X

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Kinda likes Lost Planet 2 then huh?

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No, no man! What did I do?! DON'T JACK ME BRO!

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Can't let you do that, Star Fox!

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Those gunbattles were taking way too long to finish, but the idea of jacking into people's mind, or the minds of those robot apes is pretty cool.   
It looks more like a rental than a purchase, but it does look interesting. 
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Cyber-ape probably refused the body scanner.  Then when the TSA said he'd have to do the "advanced pat-down" he freaked out.  xD
Dude just wanted go to Italy to get some gelato.  :(

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anyone think the main charter looks like cliffy B. 
seems like giest but you can only posses people

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Janky as fuck, bargain bin + 1.

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I think this game was featured on House. Or House had
a game that looked like this on their show anyway. wtf.

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"That monkey has gone to heaven" Lol
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" @ChristianCastillo said:
" What is this "Ask Me Anything" title, almost missed this since i didn't think it to be a quick look. "
It's when they go see a game, and learn about it, and then are allowed to bring back game footage.  They aren't playing it, they're just sharing what they know about the game so far.   "
Sometime it's footage of them playing the game. I think the very first Ask Me Anything was. It was the Halo Reach beta, iirc. Maybe that's the only one.
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@lacke: There was a Final Fantasy 13 one before that and a Ghost Trick one after the Reach one.
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jackin makes me feel good

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What engine is this?

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The future sounds scary if EVERYBODY is going to be armed with a gun :). When you take control of the giant monkey he's just packing fists lol.