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Posted by Sauson
Because being asked to make a song for a successful video game series is such a bad thing right? At least Megadeth hasn't lost their roots and can still make metal apposed to whatever the hell you call the crap Metallica is making these days. Metallica hasn't been good since Master of Puppets.
Posted by ModeratelySizedBomb

Very funny, Brad.
Posted by ry0wn

Guitar Hero's been played out since the ownership change after GH2, but I'd still love to play that final song to shove it in Mustaine's face.

Posted by habster3

Dave Mustaine rules, but not sure about this game yet (Even if I like the set list).

Posted by TheJohn

Megadeth is awesome, but Dave is a dick. I've worked for him a couple of times and... Great guitarist, don't get me wrong, and he's written some of my favorite songs ever. However... HUUUGE dick

Posted by YoThatLimp

You took total anarchy away you dick. :(

Posted by Scrawnto

I keep thinking this headline says something about Dave's mustache, and every time I'm disappointed.

Posted by Castiel

So i guess they couldn't afford Metallica...

Posted by ReFracture

I am so sick of Guitar Hero. Not even Megadeth will save it for me.

Posted by AhmadMetallic
@IcySandman said:
" It's funny because he got kicked out of Metallica! "
i know right? what a cheap shot from whoever the fuck uploaded that video .. 
@Mordi said:
" @josty81 said:
" Also Megadeth is a better band.  I don't see even this as a topic for debate. "
Agreed. In the 80's and 90's they were pretty equal, but Megadeth definitely makes better music than Metallica nowadays. "
wow, you guys fell for the video's sub-liner and started that age old and tired megadethmetallica discussion ? damn ..
Posted by almeida
@mythus: slayer crap...you're nuts
Posted by fox01313

Doesn't seem like he has the pure & bitter hatred of the internet as Metallica, game might be good & will rent it though I'm still sticking with GH Metallica (for the tracklist of pure metal) over the other GH games.

Posted by Torben

"Vocalist, Megadeth" ... heheheh

Posted by Mr_Skeleton

Your talking about the "God of Rock" again, no ones gives a fuck about the story mode.

Posted by MeatSim

Story mode in plastic instrument games, really?

Posted by Turtlefuzz


Posted by Hef

it only took 25 years, but Dave is finally getting something before Metalli...oh wait

@EmuLeader said:
" @GunnBjorn said:
" Mustaine got kicked out of Metallica because he drunk too much; way more than the other guys, and was an overall liability to the band.  Even though he's successful with Megadeth, there doesn't go by a day that he does not regret that. The 'Some Kind Of Monster' documentary gives a little more insight into this issue.
That was a big part of it, but another reason he got kicked out, according to a later Hetfield interview, was the clash of headstrong personalities.  James and Lars were already kind of butting heads with wanting to be in control, and adding Dave's as a third made it even worse.  So the incidents with Dave were a reason for them to lessen the stress of the band as well.  Also, Megadeth, my favorite band of all time, was a direct result.  I couldn't be more happy with the outcome, so I don't really care about the politics of who was "in the right." "
Mine Favorite band also!
@WilliamRLBaker said:
" @chiefmegadeth said:
" He was in metallica but thank god they kicked him out and made a band a 1000times better then metallica!!!! The fact they used a bunch of hes songs on kill em all and ride the lightning,Not one album but 2 albums shows how great he was...Megadeth are still Amazing! and metallica have gone down hill,i dont even know what to call there type of metal anymore...its just awful!  metallica went so commercial that they just lost there way...they are so not thrash metal,and they must be tone deth with the detuned music they're coming out with. Lars sounds like hes using a kids drumkit,they should of kicked out lars when they where going too all them  years ago "
your posting that metallica went down hill, and megadeth didn't...on a article about dave mustaine doing a guitar hero game...lol "
Wait WTF are you talking about...Why would Dave Mustaine being on a game make Megadeth Bad or go down hill? i fail to see your point if there is one?
Posted by Wonloong

Art direction looks like Tim Schafer's Brutal Legend.